Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updated New Years Resolutions

So let's take a look at my goals I set in January:

1. Finish my short film and film it (Before the end of the school year)
Already filmed and almost done editing. My external hard drive just arrived in the mail so I can finish. CHECK

2. Work out more often and more consistently (and eat healthier)
I've been working out consistently like all summer and this year and half of last year. This is going well. CHECK

3. Begin/Continue learning to play guitar and piano
I realized I need to concentrate what I can do. I'm spreading myself too thin and will be unable to accomplish everything I want to. I can't practice piano and guitar for half an hour every day on top of singing, reading up on acting, and all my real school work. I haven't been doing this much, but I'm not unhappy. I do want to start doing piano more again though

4. Get a B or higher on an essay in AP Comp
Obviously completed, and I got a B on my first rough draft in Am Lit which is like REALLY impressive, it's a hard class. Definite CHECK

5. Get into AP Chem
I am currently in AP Chem and it's going really well so far. CHECK

6. Do well enough in math to eventually move into Supercalc
I'm on the way, CHECK

7. Act in something and be happy about my performance, or direct a show (probably The Importance of Being Earnest) and of course do a good job
Auditions for Earnest are next weekend, and I'm starting a drama club and joining an improv club. CHECK

8. Do something big in acapella, whether it be arrange a song or get a singing solo-
I'm directing the Pokemon theme song as the first song of the year

Well, I'm pretty awesome. Go me. =D