Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I'm Looking For

This is just a quick post, I'm just finishing up some homework, and the song "What I'm Looking For" came on my shuffle. I really love that song in so many ways. I especially love the lyrics, they always seem to speak and apply to me. Last year, they applied to me one way, and now this year I am finding new meaning in the lines that seemed out of place to me. Here it is (this will also be the song of the day):
What I'm Looking For - Brendan Benson
If you usually don't watch/listen to the songs I recommend, listen to this one. It really is a good song. Really the whole thing applies to me, and I am sure a lot of you will stop reading here but I am going to post the lyrics and talk about them and me:

Well I don't know what I'm looking for
But I know that I just want to look some more
And I won't be satisfied 'til there's nothing left that I haven't tried
For some people it's an easy choice
But for me there's a devil and an angel's voice
Well I don't know what I am looking for
But I know that I just wanna look some more -- Nothing to explain here, all just true

Well I don't know what I'm living for
But I know that I just wanna live some more -- I used to really feel strongly about this line, and then a little while ago I heard this song again and I didn't feel like I wanted to live some more (as in I just wanted to sleep and relax) but I am feeling that way again which is a good sign.

You hear it from strangers
And you hear it from friends
That love never dies
And love never ends -- Fine line, doesn't particularly apply to me but whatever
I don't want to argue
No, I don't want to fight
'Cause you're always wrong
And I'm always right -- I have never understood this line, maybe someday I will. I guess hes saying he thinks hes always right, which applies to me a lot.

Well I don't know what I'm living for
But I know that I just want to live some more

I used to be involved and I felt like a king
Now I've lost it all and i don't feel a thing -- So true right now
I may never grow up
I may never give in
And I blame this world that I live in -- Also true
I visit Hell on a daily basis
And I see the sadness in all your faces -- That seems more true as time has gone on, I don't really visit hell but I can be in a bad place sometimes and I feel like everyone else is too and that makes me sad

I've got friends who are married and their lives seem complete
And here I am still stumbling down a darkened street
A darkened street
And I act like a child
And I'm insecure
And I'm filled with doubt
And I'm immature
Sometimes it creeps up on me
And before I know it I'm lost at sea -- This verse is one of my all time favorite song verses. It just seems so true for me, everything there is true. I feel like other people have their lives so omuch more together, and I do all of that stuff.

But no matter how far I roam
I always find my way back home -- I never used to think this applied to me, but now I hope it does, it makes me feel optimistic that things are going to get better again, and I am currently "Lost at sea"

But I don't know what I've been waiting for
But I know that I don't wanna wait anymore -- Very true

*repeated chorus stuff*

Well I hope you enjoyed my love affair with that song, I am going to listen to it again and then finish my homework.

Musical opens tomorrow! =D

Monday, March 23, 2009

A wittle thing i've noticed about myself

I'm an optimist, I think, which I like.

What I mean is, when I'm in a bad situation I don't complain. I am just not really a complainer.

Well that is not really true. I do complain a lot, but it's more when I'm mad at people or they make decisions that are against what I thought was best, I will complain and talk about how it was a bad idea.

But what I'm trying to say is just that if I'm in a really crappy situation, I almost never complain. It is just because I don't see the use. All it is doing is pointing out what is wrong with what's going on, which to me doesn't make sense, it just makes you less happy. Because of this I have a low tolerance for pessimists or complainers, which is probably why I have been getting annoyed with certain people who's names I will not put here recently.

This reminds me of a semi-related thing, which is about Bugsy Malone, the show last year at the middle school. Sort of recently some people were talking about it and about how it was such a bad show, and I got kind of mad (in my head not out loud). In my opinion chorus members or tiny parts do not have the right to talk about a show being bad, as just a general thing. I feel like a lot of times they just only see the bad parts of a show and complain about them.

For Bugsy specifically, I thought we actually did a really good job. I mean the musical itself wasn't great, but a lot of people really liked it. The thing that sticks out in my mind most was a freshman (who would currently be a sophomore) said something like "Hey the show last night was really good. I wish we did stuff that good while I was there"

That sounds like a sincere feeling to me, and I guess I could be completely crazy but I really did think it was good. I mean in terms of leads, Trey was not great, but Aaron (Aron? Sp.) was fantastic, and I THINK I was pretty good. I mean I felt like I was doing well, and I know of at least one person who doesn't know me and thought I was good, so yeah. I mean again, I could be completely wrong, but I thought I did pretty well. And if 2/3 of the leads were good, in a show like that that pretty much means the show was good. So what was so bad about it?

That goes back to my idea of the people who had the small side parts shouldn't talk about it being a bad show when they really don't know that well and weren't a big part of it, and that also goes back to my realization that I am an optamistic non complainer.

Another thing, that is probably why I have never considered suicide or cutting. I mean there have been times when I thought about it, but it wasn't really thinking about it, it was thinking about considering doing it. I could never actually do anything like that to myself though, I just.. can't. I don't see why people do, and I never would. I mean I DO see why other people do, but I'm saying that kind of thought just doesn't occur to me. If I didn't already know about suicide or cutting, no thought even remotely like it would have ever crossed my mind.

I'm so hypocritical because I complain about my life so much on this blog and my other one, ha whatever. Recently I've been optimistic, and I am more towards that side than the negative side

Well i hope you enjoyed my ramblings, back to homework.

Song of the day - Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Me gusta mucho. That whole album is soo good

Random Childhood Memory: Stealth

During Tae Kwon Do today, the combination of being at my old school and thinking about the musical (where I have to act stealth), I remembered a really funny thing I used to do.

When I had to go to the bathroom during lunch, the fastest route would be to go through the cafeteria. Now to make it more exciting, I would decide things like that I was a stealth ninja, or that the floor was lava, and I would press myself up against the blue wall. HERE IS A DIAGRAM TO EXPLAIN IT BETTER.

_____________ _ _______________________________ _ __
Bathroom _________________________________Entrance to Gym
(Ignore that bar I had to do it or blogspot would format it and get rid of the spaces)

So I would enter the Gym (the gym was also the cafeteria, I don't know if it is like that in all schools), and then press myself up against the wall facing the wall, arms spread wide also pushed against the wall, and slowly inch across. I would try and stand only on the very thing black rubber thing on the bottom that stuck out from the door.

As I did this, generally the lunch ladies would stare at me. They just stared. They probably talked afterwards.

One day, one said "What are you doing?". I think I responded with something similar to, "I'm being a secret agent" in a completely casual and understandable way. This didn't seem weird at all to me.

I can only imagine what the lunch ladies must have thought of me xD.

Song of the day - Ingrid Michaelson is amazing. I just got her album, I will do more specifics later, but really check her out. Actually here is one, check it out, it is the first song on her bliggity blog it's about twitter.

Also the clip from Ellen is amazing, I almost cried

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ski bus home

I should have talked about my ski trips a lot more, but I didn't! Basically just to say they helped my attitude a lot and made me a lot more optimistic, happy, and living in the moment.

I just was making this post to talk about the bus ride home. I don't know how it happened, but basically me Ben and Lauren got in a huge argument about whether or not MSSM was a good school, it literally went on for a little over an hour. For like 20 minutes I was okay with it, but after that I kept just being like "stop this is so annoying I don't want to argue" and everyone on the bus was starting to feel that way too.

Basically their main argument was that MSSM isn't a better school, it's just that better students go there. And also that colleges don't look at what school you go to. Both of those I think are completely ridiculous, but not having facts with me and nobody on my side they sounded a lot more convincing then me.

1.) If it is true that a school isn't better if it has better students, then basically good schools and bad schools don't exist, and it is impossible to tell what schools are better. If 65% of MSSM students get into their first choice school, and 60% of KHS students get into their first choice school, then MSSM is a better school (those two statistics are completely made up and not at all real by the way). If that is true, then no college, no high school, and no elementary school can be said to be better than another, because it is just about the students that go their, not how good the school is at educating. That is stupid and not true.

2.) Colleges definitely look at your school. They were saying they just choose whoever has the highest SAT score, which is also ridiculous. If a school has a good reputation (like being named the 12th or 13th best public high school in the country) then a college will look at that student more closely earlier, and be more interested in them. And if it ever (completely ridiculously and hypothetically) came down to two students with the exact same everything except school, they choose the one from the better school.

It was also annoying how ben kept talking about it as a nerd school. Every time I had no evidence about something they would call me out on it, but they still named the lie that kids there have bad social skills and are geeky as a fact and a reason to not go there. The kids there are all really social and outgoing, and I would not be going there if they weren't.

That was all I wanted to say. By the way, if it sounds like I am being snobby or thinking I am better than you, I am not. KHS is a really good school, I mean it's IB, and for people interested in stuff like music it is far better than MSSM. But, overall, MSSM is a better school, and that doesn't mean I think I am better or smarter than people who go to KHS.

Song of the day doesn't work very well when I am not in a happy mood... Oh well here is an unrelated one
You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor) - Ben Folds This is a really weird music video, but I kinda like how weird it is. If this is the first time you have heard this song, listen to it once without looking at the video. The video is sort of unrelated and has a completely different theme than the song, so you should hear both.

I was obsessed with this song over the summer (thanks to Zoe) because it is AMAZING! I loved Regina Spektor already and because of this song I have noticed that Ben Folds is also pretty snazzy. I really really love this song. I love the whole music of it, but one part I think is really cool and unique to the song is go to about 2:18 in the video, I love that part. Anyway, so yesterday this song came on my iTunes shuffle and I became very "I wish it was summer" nostalgic. It is still a wonderful song though, enjoy!

PS, I am about to make another post on a private blog that I have. If you want the address, ask me for it. I'm sure I will be willing to give the address to almost anyone who reads this, and if I wouldn't give it to you then you are probably someone who I don't like and is reading this blog without telling me. Anyway, if you want it ask for it, and if you already have it check it out for the other part to this post

Monday, March 16, 2009

Comics: Jesus

Parents and Privacy

This will be a short one, but I think parents need to try and understand the fact that they're children have lives that are separate from theirs. This keeps happening to everyone. I mean this is the third time I've found out about parents reading our blogs. We are pretty sure that one of my friends mom started reading my blog for a little while at the beginning of the year, and now this is the second recent time a parent started reading their kids blog.

Really it is just invading their privacy. If someone doesn't want their parent to know something, they have the right to not tell them until they choose too. I mean they have lives that are separate from ours, and we should be able to have lives that are separate from theirs.

Another example that isn't as bad is I hate it when parents get facebook. I ignored both my parents when they friended me, because the fact is I don't act the same around my parents. I want to have a place where I can relax and be only with friends, and they shouldn't try to take that away.

I don't feel like putting the effort into making a well constructed argument against parents and stuff but I just wanted to say that I am mad at parents who do that, and they need to respect their childrens privacy.

I don't know what to do about song of the day... I feel like I should have an angry song...

ooh, I got one

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
wicked laggy video but... that one is worst quality but less laggy

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well I have started randomly making comics for entertainment. I have a new poll for you!

Should I put random comics on here?

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I am impressed with myself, this poll actually hurt my eyes it was so horrible when I first looked at it.

Anyway, sometimes when I'm bored I get random ideas for comics and I make them up on the mac equivalent to paint. They look really bad and are not very good, but I have no place to put them, so if you guys want to I will start putting them here.

This is a small post, but I guess I will still do this,

Song of the Day - I Can't Stay - The Killers
I have started listening to Day & Age (their most recent album) again. It isn't nearly as good as their old stuff, but I do like it. This song stood out to me for some reason, and I really like it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Results to poll

As to where I should put reviews, I was split between on the separate blog and on this blog as separate posts. I am going to post the next one on the separate blog, and see if any more results come up anytime soon.

As for song of the day, I got 5 votes for end of every post, and 1 vote for not doing it. So, from now on every post will end with the song of the day.

For how much people like the reviews, I got one for everything but not liking them at all. So I will definitely keep doing them, but I will try to make them slightly shorter and less serious.

Finally, for the ugliness of polls, it was a close race. My initial prediction was that I can't have babies would win, but in only managed to pull one vote. My Mexican Servant Jésus Just Quit Because He Saw This also managed to get one vote. Sometimes I Have Nightmares and Things Like This Are In Them and I Have to Choose Between Death or These Polls and I Choose Death, in my opinion one of the weaker opponents, also got one vote. In a shocking victory, making an unexpected comeback, the winner with 2 votes, was... They're Nice!!!!!! Congratulations! Last place goes to I Just Threw Up with 0 votes.

Hmm... what else do I have to blog about...

Oh! I am starting too things which will induce large sums of nostalgic goodness in the far future. The first is I am starting a journal. I decided to start this, because basically I sometimes felt like I wanted to say stuff about people in this blog, but I couldn't because of it being a blog. I realized the solution to that was a journal. So far I have only made one entry, but I will continue using it in the future.

The other is a sort of music catalog idea I had. Basically, the idea is that I will make an iTunes playlist for every month of my life in the future starting with March 09, and I will put all of the songs I find that month that I really like. Then I might compile them into a yearly list at the end of the year, or leave them like that, but the point is I think it is a really cool idea and will provide endless entertainment when I am bored in my future years.

Well that is about it...

Song of the Day - "Be OK" and "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson and

As you have noticed, sometimes the song of the day can be more like "songs" of the day, but I will only do that when they are related in some way, like here I found out about this artist and so far these are the two songs I like

1:49 AM blog

What's better than blogging at 1:49 AM? Nothing, I tell you, nothing is better than blogging at 1:49 AM.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have two questions for you guys, please answer, because they will affect how I do the blog. One vote each of course, YOU ARE ON THE HONOR SYSTEM CHILDREN

Where Should I Put Reviews

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By the way, if you didn't know, I currently do them on a separate website; (yay for semicolons probably used incorrectly!) here:

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Song Of The Day: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I think I might start making a separate post each day for song of the day. Should I make a separate post. I am going to get lauren to teach me how to make a poll, and ask you guys two things.

Anyway, Song of the day - Golden Train - Justin Nozuka
Morgan gave me this one, and I LOVE it. (I don't know what that video is, but the song is still good.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Air Band

I realized I should go into more specifics for Air Band, or at least I want too. Cool how my order of these blogs is completely incoherent.


So I lied. The thing I said about animals impressions and Lion king was in hope some upper classmen would read it and think it was going to be super lame, and then be surprised at it's awesome sexiness. So during rehearsals I felt like it was really awesome. Then when we preformed it people didn't seem like they loved it while we did it. We did get some decent feedback. It seemed like the general feeling was that it didn't suck like they thought it would, but it wasn't great. Also, a couple people said my worm was good which made me feel bueno.

Also, the whole thing with rosie, blech.


So basically it started out with Chelsea thinking up of doing Here it goes again (emily also did, but i think they came up with it seperately). Then we found out we couldn't, because no freestanding props. Then we decided to do it anyway because mr lewia convinced us that it would be good anyway. Then, first practice, Chelsea and Maria showed up late with an entire mix of different freshman themed completely different songs, which we decided to do. Then they coreographed the beginning. The next day, they came in with completely different (but in some ways similar) coreography. We managed to finish coreographing the entire thing (which included a lot of spontanious ideas and additions from people who weren't the original coreographers) about an hour before the last rehearsal ended, so we just ran it over and over.

Good story, right?

Basically, a summary of what we did. I think my favorite parts were the S-I-C-K part, the part where me and lauren walked on people's backs, and the worm line chelsea backflipping parts.

Well I'm sure my blogging has gotten boring, so I will end it

Songs of the day - My Name Is - Eminem
That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings
I Love College - Asher Roth (secretly not about high school freshman hehe)
What's My Age Again? - Blink-182

The theme is songs from air band (except one I don't know the name of, but it wasn't really a good one). Goddd air band was fun.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spirit Week Dance!

This post will not be nearly as long as the last one.

When I got home, I was not going to see anyone. I did nothing that matters for a little while, washed my hair, and put on some deoderant because i figured i wouldn't smell great from wearing 3 layers and sweatpants all day plus doing dancing that involved a lot of running and pushing and stuff. Then I changed, and I actually looked like a human again!

Then Emily came, and she was with stephanie and helen. They had hung out earlier, but they were giving me a ride. The first thing stepahnie said was "You smell like axe". I felt very self concious paused and went, "well... that's because i'm wearing axe.." and she said "I didn't say that was a bad thing!" I still felt self concious though, I didn't mean to put that much on, but i guess it was overly noticable.

We arrived, and there was pretty much nobody there. I hung out with zac for a bit, and then just sort of tried to dance. Fairly early on, i ran into zoe and she looked a bit unhappy.

"Were you at Tim's? Who did you come with?"
"Uh.. Emily Helen and Stephanie"

I forget how she responded, but she seemed annoyed. Great, I realized, I wasn't invited to another thing.

I probably shouldn't say all of this stuff, but whatever. I will anyway, I don't really care if people read this.

Considering it was 3 hours, I will just say my general impressions. It was okay. In order of how good they were, the dances would go
Spirit Week

At least for me. Snowball had real dancing, and I love dancing so I loved that dance. Spirit Week had mostly grinding and some dancing, but the dancing wasn't that good. Then Homecoming was all grinding. I mean there is nothing wrong with grinding in my opinion, but it's almost not even comparable to dancing, they're just not the same thing. And I like dancing a bit more.

So that was my overall feeling, just that I liked the snowball more. Also, it annoyed me how every five seconds people would be like "this is lame". SHERT URP ERND DERNCE! It just wasn't great. I did have fun though. I am ready to leave KHS, but these are the things I am going to miss. Spirit week, plays, musicals, coffee houses, film festivals, I am really going to miss that stuff.

The best part of the dance was about an hour before it ended. They started announcing winners. I was right about the air band, seniors, juniors, freshman, sophomores. Then, the winners. I think first he announced sophomores in last place. Then, Seniors in second. (if i remember the order was really weird). Then, juniors in third. When he said that the freshman went crazy and then he said freshman won. It was so great, we were all yelling and loverliness. Yay life, FRESHMAN FO LIFE (until the end of the year)!

I want to learn to learn how to dance, like how to really dance. I should try, I will look up some basic breakdancing and some decent dancing stuff. I love dancing, just all of the kinds of it.

Song of the day: Why Don't You Get A Job? - The Offspring
I have started listening to OK Go The Offspring and Blink-182 again, and this came on me shuffle and I like it.

Last day of spirit week

So yesterday was the last day of spirit week! Exciting! It was class color day, and our color was orange. My original plan was to straighten my hair, gel it up, and then spray it orange with hair spray color stuff. I tried it out on thursday night, and decided not to gel it. Then I woke up on friday. I didn't have time to take a shower, so when I straightened it looked really bad and poofy. Most people were more concentrated on the fact that it was orange though, so I was okay.

The only kind of hair dye spray (i wish i knew what it was actually called so I didn't have to keep calling it random unnecessarily long names that are wrong) that wal-mart had was the kind with sparkles in it, so all day sparkles were falling out of my hair and on to everything. It was splendid.

Speaking of which, I hate wal-mart. I shop there as unoften as possible, but my mom makes me go there a lot, and sadly a lot of times they are the only place that has what i need. Also, the workers are terrible. Three different workers told me they had no washable hair spray color dye (fail) and then I found it by accident like half an hour later!

Anyway, I was also wearing orange shoes I bought there, and a black sweatshirt with orange fabric paint splattered on it. When I got to school, I also put on an orange shirt over my regular one. At school I also got an orange bandanna from emily and put that on. I love getting into stuff like that, it makes my life so much more exciting. Except I got so many weird looks from people that day, but it was still worth it.

First I had english. We spent the whole class doing FRAP stuff. I called a guy at stop and shop to ask if we could put up a donation bin, but the manager was out and he wasn't back until after class ended. I need to call him still.

Then I had bio. I spent a while the night before studying for a test on crayfish, but I studied all systems and appendages and he decided to ask a lot of questions about the exoskeleton and internal organs. I got a 75. Not terrible, but a lot worse than I expected.

After that, the hardness of my day was pretty much over. I had no work to do for the rest of the day, and I was feeling optimistic.

Then I had lunch. It was fine. The last two blue day lunches I had were amazing, so I was expecting that, but it was just fine. Not bad or good, really. I feel like ethans might find me annoying sometimes, and that Alienor might not like me, but I am also way overly self conscious so I might (hoping) be wrong. I get along with Sara very well though (we now have an epic facebook messaging conversation), and Caitlin is hilarious and I get along well with her too. Also Morgan came back!!!! Yay! And so did Emily and Stephanie, except I'm not sure if they are for good. I don't see the appeal of eating alone in Mr Lewia's room.

Then theater. We did scene work still. Theater has been less fun with all the scene work, but I still like it. I am behind on memorizing my lines, which might be why I don't like it. I am also to much of a perfectionist, it took me half an hour and the help of the entire class to figure out my characters objective last class. This class, it only took me like 5 minutes to come up with my reality of action (I think it was called, It was something i was trying to accomplish, i won't explain farther than that). Incidentally, I am doing a scene from the Odd Couple. I am playing a womanizing tough guy type, which is a little weird. Mimi says she chose that scene because she thought it would be a good way to take out some of my anger towards Kyle (who is playing a clean freak nerd type guy) xD. Anyway, sense everyone finished early we played improv games! yay! I love me some improv. We played the dating game.

I played one of the contestants, and Mimi had me as one of the back-up girls from the Single Ladies music video. The whole time I had my hand out in a "sassy" way and was talking like a black teenage sassy girl, and the whole time I was trying to think of a way to incorporate "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it" into the conversation.

Then the last question kyle (he was the bachelor, of course. I was a bachelorette) asked was "What is your opinion on marriage" and I was like YES!!!!, and then "Gurl, If you like it, then you GOTTA put a ring on it" It was greaaat. Except kyle hadn't scene the video, or heard the song. Then I proceeded to start doing the dance, and he still didn't get it, so we had to explain it.

It was still amazingly awesome!

At that point, I changed into my sweatpants for Air band (we were supposed to dress up jokingly overly gangster), and took off the inner inner shirt because i was getting hot.

Then off to Bio Sem. We played hangman, because we only had like 1o minutes. At the beginning of the class, he was like "alright take out your notes" and then 3 seconds later we were playing hangman and I was confused. Then I realized Mr Bennet was making a joke (I think?). He is so awkwardly funny sometimes. My favorite mr bennet joke is "alright, let's dim the lights like a middle school dance".

Then, finally, the assembly was called. I was SO excited!!!!!!!! We walked out and got in our place. First there was the race, where freshman failed miserably. The thing is, Emily Junker, and Coordination, don't go well together. Emily Junker, Chelsea Cardner, and a rope connecting them, go together horribly. We placed last. Then the tug of war. We would have placed last, but luckily the rope broke!!! It was so funny, I couldn't believe it had happened. It was great for us too, because then we didn't lose the points for that. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. AIR BAND!!!!

I stepped out onto the gym floor, said a serious thing about not rolling to early when I walked on people, and then we did our chant which is "BADASS!" But we told people was mad class. Except the freshman were too obvious about it and like put is as their facebook statuses so everyone knew. I was mad. James Kill.

I got into position, and noticed that my shoes were a bit slippery, not much traction. Then the music started, and it all went by very fast. I felt like we were doing fine, but at the same time the crowd was giving like no feedback and it made me feel like everything we were doing was a lot lamer than it seemed in rehearsal. Then we got to the part where the song "That's not my name" by the ting tings came on. This was the only part in the song that I came up with the idea for. We all monkeyed into the middle, and then exploded out, and it was my favorite part. Then of course fucking Rosie Stimpson stepped on my foot, and I tripped and fell down. She fell too. I immediately got up, and began dancing again. It really ruined the whole thing for me, because all I could think about was how I messed up and how it made it worse. Bleh, i was so mad. I was as mad as I was at bram that time he skipped my line the play, probably more actually. It also just made me mad because i felt like I couldn't feel like we did a good job, because I personally messed up. I don't know how much worse that made it, and I would have been a lot happier with third place, if I didn't feel like it was partly mine/rosies fault.

After that it went fine. The end was the best part, and that was when we finally got the crowd to cheer. I walked on everybody, and then we all got into the line. Everyone was dancing in two lines, while Emmy and I (correct grammar alert) were doing the worm (I went all out, it was intense) on the outside. In the middle chelsea was doing crazy back handsprings and stuff. It was great, and I could definitely hear the crowd cheer then. Then we all go into positions, and dropped to form the 12.

Overall, I think it went fairly well. We were a whole lot better then people expected us to be, because freshman usually suck, and that's really the important part. Props go out to chelsea who pretty much did the entire thing.

Then the sophomores went. It was surprisingly bad. It was just very boring. A lot of standing around, and you couldn't hear the music at all. I expected it to be a lot better. They did west side story.

Then the juniors, which was great. Travis as the carpet from Aladdin at the beginning was the best part. They did a bunch of Disney movie stuff.

Then the seniors went, and they were really really great. They did pirates of the Caribbean, and they had this huge fight scene which was amazing, and visually just looked great.

My prediction was it would go Seniors, Juniors, Us, then sophomores. I was a little disappointed that the juniors and seniors were really good though, because I originally felt like ours was going to place well.

A couple people were talking about how the freshman and the seniors would be disqualified for throwing off sweatshirts/swords, but I was pretty sure they were wrong. If they took anything off, it would be taking 5 points because that was all it was worth. I turned out to be right

Then we had play practice. It sucked that we had to stay so long, because we didn't get out until almost 4:30. I am starting to like my character more, though. Initially he seemed boring, but Mr Lewia has shown me how he is making my character funny, and it should turn out well. I feel like I'm not doing well right now, but I'm hoping it's just because thats the beginning.

I spent most of the rehearsal talking to Zac and James and Emily and hannah. I'm becoming better friends with Zac and James, which is good because they are both hilarious. James is another person I felt like didn't like me at first, but I feel like that has passed. The best moments were me and James talking about my weekly schedule "Yeah, thursday is the day I have sex with your mom. Friday is the day I have sex with my six girlfriends... Wednesday is spagetti night" It started out as a lame joke but with the ongoing additions to it throughout our conversation it became hilarious.

SUPER RANDOM UNRELATED THING: I am obsessed with burt's bees lip balm. I just got it because my lips were getting way to chapped and stuff, but it's addicting. It like makes your lips tingle when you put it on, hehe.

Then I got a ride home with emily because rehearsal went late and i missed the late bus.

Overall, it was a really good day and I liked it a lot. I feel like my life is starting to get better again. Oh, on that subject. Remember my whole random symbolism thing? I have another one. So I have not been liking the office very much this season, or really any tv shows that I normally love. And it felt like my whole life was like that, the "it was better last season" feeling. Anyway, so i've been watching old episodes of the office a lot recently. seasons 2 and 3, my favorite. I have also been thinking about 8th grade a lot. Today a new episode of the office was on, and I watched it, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't hilarious, and it wasn't as funny as the old episodes, but it had some good emotional parts, it was very real, and I laughed out loud a decent amount of times. I realized the reason I haven't loved the old episodes of the office that much is just because i have already seen them. I know the plots, the stories, and in some cases I remember the jokes. But then this new episode episode came, and it wasn't as good, but I still really enjoyed it. I sometimes feel like attitude is really everything, and this was one of those times. I feel like I'm starting to be happy again.

Oh, another thing that happened. Basically every day in bio sem, there is annoyingness over chairs. The first day I sat in the back corner. Then I missed the next day. The day after that charlie Haritos was gone, so i sat in his chair. Same the next day. Then Charlie came back. He had claimed the seat he sat in as his seat, Kaitlin and and Maddy had sat in the same seat every single day, and robert had claimed the seat i sat in the first day as his. I had no seat. I just sat in the chair in front of that table for that day. Later Mr. Bennet Let me sit in the front part of the table, sort of added on. Every time I would try to sit in roberts or anyones everyone would be like NOO that's roberts seat! Then later, we were picking partners for our lab. When charlie wasn't here, i did it with robert. Then Charlie came back. Maddy picked kaitlin, and robert and charlie decided to work together. Again, I had nobody. I ended up working with Ben and Silas, which worked out okay, but I was still unhappy about being left out.

Then today, I arrived sorta early. I sat down in roberts seat, and asked Kaitlin if maddy and robert were here. She didn't know. Then Maddy sat down. I asked her if robert was here, and she said something like "I don't know. Just sit there, who cares". I was really surprised. Normally I would have expected everyone to tell me to leave. Then robert walked in, looked at the table, and sat down in the chair in front. He didn't even say anything. Maybe it was just because it was a short class, but I was still very surprised, and happy.

This post is getting way to long so I will make a new one for the dance

Song of the day: My Life Would Suck Without You and I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
No I am not a teenage girl, but Morgan sent me 3 of the songs on her album, and i like these equally.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spirit Week

Hmm! Well I actually want to do some bio so I can get sleep, but I also wanted to make this post. I will put minimal effort into it to get everything in, LET'S BEGIN!

Monday: Snow day. Mwehehe. Only problem is it would have given freshman more of an advantage, because we always win attendance, and I think we had a decent chance to get at least second for drama.

Tuesday: Hippie day. I came in with nothing, stole Courtney's (on my bus) bandanna and got a hippie shirt from Mimi. Then after school, even though I wasn't signed up, I joined trivia. We did very badly. We got last, bleh. I didn't really help or make it worse, i got a couple but i also made the team get some wrong.

Wednesday: Music day. I got shades and came in as ray charles. I didn't really like the themes, but I am going all out on Friday. After school I was signed up for bombardment (sp?) but I left it and joined Jenga (I'm a cool kid). We had like 60 annoying jockish freshman doing it with shorts and then there was me in my jeans with no shorts to change into. Also, we had no Jengeer (word i invented) so I did it.

It was me vs. sophomores first. IT WAS INTENSE! It was me vs. max Robinson and 2 sophomores i didn't know the name of. I kept pretending to be really cocky and giving smack talk which is kind of funny considering... well I'm me.

The game went on a lot longer than I thought it would. I kept trying to make it harder than them, and I thought it was going to end for sure at one point. Then they got one, and it came back to me. Then I g ot one, and it came back to them. Then they got one, and it went on to me. At this point there were like 20 people watching and it was SO tense but it was epic. I managed to pull through, and this super nervous girl had a pretty much impossible turn, and ended up losing.

Max says it wasn't the nervous girl, whatever it doesn't really matter, it was intense though. I can't believe i managed to pull that one off.

Then I played seniors. I ended up losing, I was still fairly happy with second place for us though. I tried to take to much of a risk instead of an easy one and lost it. Of course, I wouldn't have gotten that far and beaten the sophomores if I hadn't taken so many risks so I can't say I regret it. I don't know, anyway, second place.

Thursday (today): Sports/Jersey day. I do not own jerseys, I don't wear jerseys. So I was like, "Mom can I borrow a tennis racket?" and she gave me this ridiculous bright neon green and orange one. And I was like "umm.... okay" I got a lot of stares that whole day. I also had a Spanish test that day that I had to stay up late for the night before. I got about half way through, and I will finish it next class. It actually wasn't THAT hard, I did fairly well.

After school I did Rock Band and Taboo. For Rock Band, everyone decided to do "Give It Away" by the red hot chili peppers. The problem is I had never heard that song. Luckily I had alex on guitar and one of the everett twins on drums, which they are both awesome at. Then the song started. In rock band, they have spoken word parts, and music parts. Sense it can't register the words you make, basically if you make sound you get the spoken word parts right.

The entire song of Give It Away is spoken, YES! It had a lot of tongue twisty words, but whenever I lost it i would just make loud mumbling noises and it would register it as right xD. I also got all of the tambourine (sp) tapping sections perfect. The only thing I got wrong was the final note. Not knowing the song I had no idea what it was. It looked high, so first i way over shot it, then went way to low, then got it just in time for it to go down where i didn't go low enough, and then went too far, and just got it for the end. It sounded horrible. The whole thing was wonderfully awkward and bad (especially the occasional AHHHH!!!!!!! *goes back to mumbling* moments that get you double score) but we got over 900,000 points and I got 99% percent! Then sophomores. They got like 800,000. Purely because their guitar and drums weren't as good. Then the juniors, drums a large amount worse and they got like 670,000 or something. Then the seniors went. Christian A was on vocals. It put mine to shame to a ridiculous level. He 1.) has way better rhythm
2.) has a really good voice (i do not)

Except we got the same score because all it needed to be registered was noise! If the vocals mattered in that song, seniors would have destroyed us. Anyway, the guitar person messed up in a big way on that one, and they got like 600,000. We got first! yay mumbling and people who are crazy good at RB drums and guitar!

Then we did taboo. Nobody who signed up showed up, so me helen emily and stephani volunteered to do it. I wouldn't say one of us specifically did it, but we agreed I would be the spokes person. Bad decision. I did very bad, and got us last place. I think emily should have done it in retrospect. But freshman did really well that day overall, and it got us a lot of points.

So i didn't mention airband at all. I can't say much, but i will say this. Chelsea choreographed it and came up with the idea. I helped a bit in places. It is SO GOOD!

Originally we were gonna do here it goes again, but we changed our minds, and did something totally original. I asked around and nobody has done the lion king for at least 4 years, and nobody has done as an 80's techno style one with an animal impressions section!!!! Chelsea has an insanely good lion impression, and I can do a pretty good bird. We are totally gonna win!

Song of the Day: That's not my name - The ting tings

Not a great song, but I like the chorus a lot.

Song of the day

I want to make a blog post, but I have no time!!!! But anyway, I wanted to say I am adding a song of the day to each post (although a lot of times I make more then one post in a day, but never mind). Basically, I will just say a song I 1.) Have always loved
2.) Just recently discovered
3.) Just recently rediscovered
or 4.) like decently and are listening to it while I make the post.

The song for this post is a #4, and it is

Down To Earth by Peter Gabriel.

It was made for WALL-E, and I think it won the oscar for best movie song. Anyway, me gusta. Listen to the first 2 minutes or so to get a feel for the whole thing. It is a bit of a long song, so by the end i usually just skip the last minute or so, I am slightly ADD with music (and life) (I like puppies)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweeney Todd!

I saw Sweeney Todd on tour a couple days ago, and I just wanted to say check out my other blog for the review!