Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Done with homework!

Guess who just finished his homework? Guess who only has a half day tomorrow, and then has a loooonnnggg weekend so is basically done with homework for a while? Guess who had been getting stressed out by homework a lot, and is now happy that he gets a break?


Just kidding, it's actually me.

So yes! NO MORE HOMEWORK! I'm gonna do my no homework dance *proceeds to dance*

I'm glad you couldn't see that, it was embarrassing.

This would be a lame way to end this post.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Opening night!

Opening night of the play was yesterday! It actually went really well. I was impressed. I hadn't been feeling very good about how i was doing, but opening night was just a bundle of fun.

It started out at 6 with christian joey and mike singing jesse macartney/dream street, that was fun.

Then we got all our props ready, and did the warm ups.


That was a fun warm up, they definitely do that differently at the high school than at the middle school, haha.

Then we talked and stuff, christian gave us the inspirational talk from 300, and we did some stuff. mostly acting.

I was SO glad to be back on stage, i hadn't acted in almost a year and its such a thrill.

Acting IS my natural high. That and making eye contact with a cute stranger, of course.

Other than that, not much is going on in my life. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............................

that was a boring blog, but i wanted to express my opening night excitement! Second night tomorrow, I hope that goes even better

*does good luck dance*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Movie review, mother of tears


On saturday I went to Tim's for a movie night with abby ed and charlotte. It was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. It was called like mother of tears, and here is an outline (I missed hte first half hour, so the beggining is what other people told me)

Ok, so theres this woman. For some reason she throws her baby off a bridge, but then she feels bad. Then a crazy monkey comes back and it's like AHHHHHHH!!! In a high pitched monkey way.

Then like some crazy goth girls with make up were like "ELJAFLJ WE'RE CRAZY!!!" And they were like followers of the mother of tears or whatever.

Then somehow the main character turned invisible?

Then this one asian goth girl kept following her, so finally the maine character smashed her head with a door. It was very gory.

Then there was lots of blood and nudity, the monkey came back and screamed some more.

The main girl was awful at acting, by the way. She was like "what... my parents we're murdered... what..."

Then some random people came and killed some more people.

There was one scene where it was like a red light, and there were like 3 topless women and then 2 of them cut open one and started eating her organs, quality flim right there.

So apparently the main girl had some special power to defeat the mother of tears?

Oh, i forget, at some point there was a crazy old guy who was like I'm gonna help you!

And there was a shower scene. It wasn't at all related to the plot, but there was a scene where the main character was in a shower. Then she got out of the shower, and the plot continued.

Then she went down into like a tomb and found the mother of tears, and she was like I'm crazy! There were more topless women.

So then she like ran up to the mother of tears, and the mother was like "NOBODY CAN STOP ME KNOW!!!!"

Then the monkey came and screamed more.

And the woman like grabbed a spear, and ripped off the mother of tears's shirt and threw it into the fire and she was like NOOOOOOOOO

Apparently, the special power that the main character had was she was the only one who could rip of the mother of tears's shirt, and throw it in a fire.

Then the main character like stubled through some unidentifyable brown liquid and some guy who had never been in the movie before showed up and helped her through. Then they like climbed out and they were in the middle of the city and it was like "..." and then they started laughing and the movie ended.

GREAT MOVIE RIGHT THERE!!!! I think the director was like "oh, crap, this movie makes no sense. Lets just make everyone topless and add lots of blood!

The whole time everyone was like "WHY DID YOU PICK THIS TIM?" And he was like "THE PREVIEW MADE IT LOOK GOOD!!!"

Seriously, worst movie ever. I laughed so much during it.

Of course it did supply one of the funniest things Tim has ever said. During one topless scene as we were all discussing how bad this movie is, Tim said something like "I feel like this movie would be really good if I was alone, if you know what I mean"

Oh, we know what you mean tim. We know what you mean.


My life is pretty boring right now. Saturday I woke up at like 12. I sleep INSANELY late on weeknds, because I stay up late and wake up early during the school week. APPLESAUCE YOU SCHOOL (i'm keeping the blog appropriate for the youngins by replacing bad words with friendly ones)!!!!

Then I went to the mall and got a haircut. It turned out ok, i'm not having a passionate love affair with my haircut, but we're hesitantly liking each other. Like, it's only the second or third date, and i don't want to jinx it, but this could turn into a really good relationship. Me and my haircut, that is.

While I was there, I ran into Nicole. She was best friends with Morgans cousin (angie, who I was really good friends with for a while). I didn't recognize her at first, i was like FWHAAATTT?!?!

Then I went to target and I bought some dark jeans for the play, and a super sexalicious sweatshirt. It's black, and it has white stripes but then theres like 2 green stripes in the middle, oh it's SUCH sex. Most of my clothes are like generic colors or american eagle, so it's nice to have my exciting clothes. I'm living life on the edge, yo. The yo made it more epic.

Today I have to study for a bio test, meh. I don't understand it at all, so that sucks. Well adios!

Friday, November 14, 2008

oh that james!

It appears I've created a blog.

Wait, let me check on that.

Yeah, I was right, I did.


WELLLLLLLLLLLL! Hmm... my life! I won't be getting to personal, sense this is public, for reasons such as this example

Me (blogging): Miscellaneous teenager #h is such an awful person!

Miscellaneous teenager #18 (after reading blog): Oh my gosh! James just called miscellaneous teenager #h an awful person. I must tell her/him immediately! *boop boop boop beep bop boop*(that was her dialing the phone, OBVIOUSLY). Hi. James called you an AWFUL PERSON!

Miscellaneous teenager #h: THAT FREAK! I'm going to start a rumor that he got Oprah pregnant!

*3 weeks later*

Miscellaneous teenager #4: So I hear Oprahs having your child


So yeah, as you can see, not a good idea. That seems like a good opener, so, as the Spaniards say, bye. I meant Spaniards who spoke English.