Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty. Odd.

So I've had this album for like half a year now, and I finally listened too it.

It's really good! Like I kept hearing people tell me how good it was, but it just is. It's good. Yum.

At the moment my favorite song is "I Have Friends In Holy Spaces". That's how I am when I listen to albums, I sort of jump from song to song as the one I like at that time. so yeah.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Questionable Content!

So I've been reading questionable content (An internet webcomic at a lot recently. It's so good! I started last break, read it a ton, read it slowly, and recently I've been devouring it like crazy. I've gotten through like 400 of them through this break.

It's sooo good! The characters are so well written and it's pretty funny (occasionally laugh out loud hilarious, usually with Hannelore, more on that later) and the story is pretty interesting, like it's not run of the mill or predictable. I recommend it highly for a HUGE time waster!

My favorite character by fare is Hannelore. She isn't really introduced until sort of far into the comic, so if you begin reading it (LIKE YOU SHOULD) you won't meet her for a while. She's neurotic, germaphobic, has OCD, really sensitive, paranoid, completely likable, and perfectly written.

She's absolutely hilarious with her craziness, but at the same time you really feel bad for her and she is really likable. She's the funniest, the most rounded, and just a really interesting and great character in my opinion.

Also it's SO witty. There is an unhealthy amount of witty banter in that comic. WIT. MORE WIT THAN YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR. OVER 9000 WIT!!!!

I guess I'm feeling meme-ish this post.

I put some questionable content in your blog so you could wit while you read

You should read it

*Goes back to it instead of doing homework*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I GOT AN A- ON AN AP COMP ESSAY!!!! I was so excited! Yess... FINALLY! I put so much work into this essay because I really wanted this to be my A paper.

We're not gonna talk about how I think my final is gonna go.

BUT THIS PAPER!! Maybe it's because I really liked Great Expectations, maybe it's because I put more work into this one than any other essay, or maybe it's because I've just finally learned how to write better, but I finally got it.

So let's look at the goals I set at new years:

1. Finish my short film and film it (Before the end of the school year) - In Rehearsal, check!
2. Work out more often and more consistently (and eat healthier) - I've been working out more, but eating healthier not so much. I need to work on this.
3. Begin/Continue learning to play guitar and piano - At a much slower pace... I need to start again
4. Get a B or higher on an essay in AP Comp - A-!!!!!!
5. Get into AP Chem - I'm working on this, I have a SAT 2 prep book and if I score above 700 I can take AP chem
6. Do well enough in math to eventually move into Supercalc - There are three different before calculus classes at MSSM, AB, BC, and accelerated BC. I got in Accelerated BC, so I'd say check.
7. Act in something and be happy about my performance, or direct a show (probably The Importance of Being Earnest) and of course do a good job - This is not happening. I am doing a monologue in theater club though... so that sort of does this
8. Do something big in acapella, whether it be arrange a song or get a singing solo (I have a solo, but it's rapping and to me that's not as much of an achievement). I'm not sure about this one *UPDATE - Tentative Check* I don't think this is gonna happen this year, but I'm probably gonna help Katie arrange a song next year.
9. Do stand-up again, and do it well enough that I want to continue pursuing it. Do it as good as I did at the end of 8th grade. - Not done

So taking away already completed ones or ones I know I can't do:

1. Work out more often and more consistently (and eat healthier)
2. Begin/Continue learning to play guitar and piano
3. Get into AP Chem
4. Do stand-up again

That's a lot better than before!

Incidentally if you haven't noticed, these goals are more end of the school year goals than year long goals.

The sad part about this paper is that now that I have higher standards I can no longer be content with a C+. Nooo!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

98.65% of the music in my iTunes library has an e either in the song title or the artist name. Fun fact.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short Film

I now have my short film cast! woo! This just leaves a couple rehearsals, vacation, and then I will film it.

The final decision was really difficult, but I think it's going to turn out really well