Tuesday, June 30, 2009

List of books to read edition 2!!!

I hope you are enjoying my frequent blog posts these last couple days, thats what boredom leads too.

I went to the books store in kennebunkport today for the first time, and it reminded me of some books I wanted to read.

So here is the new and improved books to read list

Twilight - I'm about 70 pages in, I will review it once I finish. So far I still don't like it very much, but I don't know if I ever will being not a teen girl

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs - I wanna read you

Atlas Shrugged - MAYBE. It's over 1000 pages long but I do want to read it

The Shack - This book seems really cool. Like kind of horrorish but at the same time it's supposed to address religion in many ways, epic

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - I read like the first 150 pages of this and I still need to finish it (my library time ran out)

Wicked - I'm not sure if I will read this, but I'm interested.

So yeah theres my list!

Review: Your face


As you may have noticed, I took the poll advice and moved the reviews to this blog, but keep them as separate posts.

I also just remembered that I have forgotten to do song of the day for like the last 2 months. Hmm... I don't have one for this post.

Anyway. ONE MORE POLL!!!

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What I mean by my misspelled separate (don't judge me it's too late to change it now) is I would think of something different that I would do on that blog. I don't know what it would be yet, but I would think of something.

The other blog is here by the way http://deliciousreviews.blogspot.com/

Review: Little Miss Sunshine



Cool how everyone's dying. Say what you will about Michael Jackson's allegedly molesting kids, but he was an amazing singer/dancer. And also, nobody seems to realize this but he didn't just decide to bleach his skin or something. He had a disease that turns his skin white, and the medication, to keep him alive, made him more white. I have also heard that the disease was in splotches so to look at least human he died his skin... I'm not really sure. The point is, he didn't just decide to become white for kicks and giggles.

Then billy mays. MAN! There is nothing bad you can say about Billy Mays.

And farrah fawcett and ed mcmahon! I don't really know them, but there is definitely a conspiracy.




I don't know. But if another celebrity dies then I'm gonna be scared.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tom's Party!!!

Tom's party was WICKED FUN! I had MSSM testing and my mom had to pick up sammy after getting a suit but I finally got to the party (like 4 hours late) but it went on for like 4 more hours so it wasn't a big deal. I spent most of it with Katie King, Ben, Tom, and Sarah Haws. I am not really great friends with Sarah Haws, but shes cool.

At first, to be honest I thought it was kind of lame. I joined badmitten and it was okay but I was like "meh". It got better as it went on though and became AWESOME! I began playing badmitten with a bat and yelling WHAT NOW whenever I actaully managed to hit it, and the game became mostly me Ben sarah and some other kid I forget his name. I also talked pretty seriously about some stuff with Tom and Katie, talked seriously a tiny bit with Sarah and Ben, and just generally had fun and hung out. We made these pretty gangsta heezy raps (fo sho), and me and Katie took like an hour to finally make a sexy pose picture (Whenever one of us looked sexalicious I would look high or creepy or she would look to happy about the apparent sex we were happing it was so stressful). So yeah. I suppose not much more to say, but it was a really fun party

Graduation Ceremonies

There isn't to much to say about these, but I really liked them. There was the actual graduation. I sat next to Morgan and Derek. It was pretty good. Grayson (who I guess isn't graduating, which is too bad), Emma Wilson, Connor, maybe Abby I forget, and Mike Schwebler sang a song I think was called "A New World" and I think it was from the musical "Songs for a New World". It was really really good. Christian also did a rap which was really good and funny.

Then we watched the slide show (which was alright) and the senior video. It was really clever, it was about swine flu, and they took like the stereotypes of a bunch of seniors and made it about them... it's kind of hard to explain. But like they had one part about how Abby Ackley was obsessed with kittens and Joey and she died because she stayed in a room with a fake joey instead of leaving. It sounds kind of stupid, but it was really funny, except I couldn't hear some of it (gr sadness).

Then there was seniors last assembly, which I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLY liked. It was wicked fun!! I sat with peoplez in chorus and Courtney and Ryan Stinson. It was fun. I don't know Courtney or Ryan that well, but I like them. Then the chorus and chamber choir got up and sang Blackbird. I was expecting it not to be great, but it actually went really really well. I was almost perfect (not great on "Into the light" from "into the light of the dark black night" but otherwise awesome.

Then I wanted to talk to people for a second more, and my mom sort of just went "Okay Helen's mom will give you a ride home bye" and left. But I do not regret it!

ALSO, I was wearing this really nice dress shirt we got at american eagle. I like wearing nice clothes, I feel SEXY. But damn I was lookin' FIIINEEEEE. Tom Cherry agreed.

ANYwho. Then I hung out with Mackenzie mostly, and Kristin Mackenzie recruited half of the front row of the band to communicate the message "mayonaise" (They started mouthing it and then motioning making a sandwich as I said things like "Knife? Bread? Peanut butter? WHAT?!") which was sort of an inside joke (it started in the musical with James MAHA but whenever someone says Mayonaise I start fake laughing really hard (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA)

I also sat with Morgan and Angie for a tiny bit but they didn't seem to want to talk.

Then at the end I talked to a couple seniors, and said bye and stuff. I tried to convince Conner and Mike Schwebler to do the musical but they lamely didn't (It ended up being cancelled) and I talked to people and stuff. Overall, it was a jolly good time.

Don't Drink the Water

Well I am DYING of boredom (I need to hang out with people!!!! If you meet these qualifications

1.) You are reading this
2.) You are a people

THEN WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOON!!!) So I am finally gonna get started on my monster explosion blogging sesh! STEP ONE: The PLAY!

So I was so excited at first! And as it went on, the accent was killing me! I started getting it towards the end. And then there was the matter of missing like 5 days of rehearsal. Overall, it was a nerve wracking time before the show came on.

I did love rehearsals though. That was not a good time for me (the general time that the play was going on) but the play rehearsals made it livable, because I liked people there and they liked me. Plays and advisory are basically how I survived this year, but anyway back to the point.

Opening night. We show up about an hour and a half early to get costumes and prepare and stuff, and it's usually a jolly good time. This play was no different. I got in costume, and hung out with the cast.

I don't remember if it was opening night, but night we were backstage before the show making up pickup lines, and it was kind of amazing. I think it was like Joey Christian and Mike Sampson and I joined in. I think the best one I came up with was "Are you a bagel? Because you look like something I'd like to have sex with."

I am good at getting off subject! So, opening night. I suddenly got really nervous right before I went on. I guess it was because I was the first person on stage. I started the show, and that was the first time I had ever done that. So I was rather nervous. It was just me and Christian on that side of the stage, and during the three nights we talked about life the universe and everything (I am a nerd and you should get that reference). I think the nerves showed a little, and I moved a little fast during the opening monologue.

I was also a little nervous because 1.) My accent (in my opinion) never really became great. I mean I think it was fine by opening night, but just barely.
2.) We really hadn't rehearsed enough
and 3.) The audience was tiny and didn't laugh. It was horrible, just the experience of that night. I really had almost no fun (except during the straight jacket part xD) because I was so nervous and unhappy with how many laughs we were getting and how many people were in the audience.

People seemed to like it though, so I don't know. Hopefully it was just because they were small that there wasn't much laughter, I really don't know. Also, there were a LOT of mistakes. A ton of tech mistakes, a couple line mistakes, and just little things. We really could have used that extra rehearsal.

My brother Josh went opening night.

NIGHT 2: Almost as bad as opening night. In my opinion it was a little better, but it was still pretty bad. Small audience, didn't laugh much, bleh bleh bleh. I made more mistakes, but I thought I had a better performance.

CLOSING NIGHT: What I was hoping the other nights would be like!! It was great! There was a pretty big audience, and they laughed a lot. I really loved it, and I felt like they did too. The only big mistake I remember is that the blank Travis fired when Walter shoots Kilroy was empty and didn't make a sound. Otherwise, fantastic. I really liked doing it, and thats what I wish all three nights were like.

Then the cast party, which was great. It was at Mike Sampsons house (he had the one for The Laramie Project) and it was really fun. I ate good noms, played pool with Travis (Who by the way, was really LAME and quit the show for tennis, but then did backstage), and talked with everyone. Then Christian gave me a ride home, and it was OVAR.

Overall, great rehearsals, great to be with different people who I like and like me, horrible first two nights, and great closing. I love actingg haha.

I kind of wish I was a junior or senior, because most of the people in the school I really like are juniors or seniors. Of course, thats not to say that there aren't some pretty amazing sophomores and freshman

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I like when it's raining and you jump in the air and as your falling you go at the same speed as the rain and for a moment the rain stops falling and the whole world stops moving for you and nothing in the world matters or exists except you and the rain. I like that moment.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God I need more time!!!

There is so much I want to blog about but I have no time!!!!!!! Here is what to expect

I will (FINALLY) talk about the play and stuff. Each night that is. Bad bad good!
The graduation ceremonies
Tom's Party
My realization
My feelings about the end of the year
And this year in retrospect

Expect either a giant monster post or a giant monster post cleverly split into multiple mini monster posts!

Be excited