Monday, February 23, 2009

Poem (ish thing)

Screaming, “1984!”
He jumped over the electric fence, and was shot.

Cubicle #7.
The Johnson project.
“Big bucks!” Boss said.

Twenty convicts in chains walked around the inside of the fence.
His dead body lied outside.
It laid,
A reminder.
A grin was on his face.

A boy burned his papers.
Went outside, jumped over the white picket fence,
and ran.
Kept running.
Of course he came back, he had too.
Or at least, he thought he did.
Parents forced him to get his friend,
to photocopy the papers.
The boy cried as he worked that night.

Johnson project was coming along well.
Pushed up against the wall.
Throwing eraser caps into Cubicle #6
The bobble head watched cautiously.
He screamed for life!
He ran for the window,
and crashed through the glass.
The wind felt good on his face.
To a lack of life.
To jail.

The boy leapt on the table.
He sang, “JUMP!”
Eight chapters
A pencil
His chains.

I'm a stylistic writer. If this is so incoherent you can't understand tell me. Also, I can explain it if you want.

Friday, February 20, 2009

random 911 memory!

OOHHH I GAWT ANOTHER ONE! Man I keep thinking of things I want to blog about this is like the third post in 24 hours... I think I might be addicted.

NOOOO!!!!!! I JUST FOUND OUT ROCKAPELLA WAS CANCELLED!!! This saturday a bunch of people in concert and chamber choir were all going to get on a bus and go out to boston and see Rockapella in concert, and I was really excited because it would be a good concert plus awesome people but it's cancelled! Jksaljflasjfdklasjfkadlsjflkdsjfljdlksajfl I'm mad.

Anyway... story...

So this is a short one, but I remember just being in like 4th grade, and I went down to the office to make a call. Afterwards, I started walking, when one of the teachers stopped me. I will be representing the teachers with T1 and T2. I don't remember specifics of who or where, but just read this to get the gist of what happened.

T1: Did you call 911?
Me: No..
T2: You're not going to get in trouble, just be honest, did you call 911
Me: No, I didn't
T1: ... He's afraid hes going to get in trouble
Me: No I'm not, but I didn't call 911
T1: Did you do it by accident? And then hang up?
Me: I didn't call them
T2: James you're not going to get in trouble, just be honest. Did you call them?
Me: No, I didn't call 911
T1: ........ He thinks hes going to get in trouble. James, we're not going to get mad at you, we just need to know if you called them because they recieved a call from us.
Me: I didn't call them!
T2: Did you call them and then get scared and hang up?
Me: No! I guess I might have accidentally pushed the buttons while I was calling my mom or something.
T1: Okay, James

I thought it was weird then, and I still do now. I think it's kind of funny but strange and a little sad that they wouldn't trust me. They insisted on asking me over and over if I had called them, but in reality they already had decided I must have. Even after repeatedly saying that I didn't call them, they still just thought I did but was scared I would get in trouble.

And for the record, as far as I knew, I did not call them. I suppose I must have accidentally pushed some buttons, because otherwise what could have happened?

I realized I'm probably blogging so much because It's vacation and I have a lot less to do. Enjoy this, because when school starts I will be doing this a lot less.

Random last day of school before vacation story!

I always forget to blog about the good stories!

(The real reason I'm doing this is because I'm overly paranoid and having trouble sleeping after the whole screaming thing earlier today)

I blog way to much, but I think you guys enjoy it!?

SO! The day before school got out, it was valentines day (I think, god I don't even know what day it is today...) It probably wasn't actually.

ANYWAY! SO! I don't know if I've said this before, but I have a really awesome advisory. It's Charlotte Hickling, Joey Aascov, John Harrison, Derek Henry, Ben Johnson, and Chelsea Cushing. Also, Tobey Ratoff but shes not here half the year because she goes to a ski school. Anyway, I don't know why I like it so much, because I really only am friends with half the people in it, but it's great for some reason, and it seems like everyone agrees that we have a really good advisory. It's generally one of the highlights of my day, and I'm always sad when it's over. I will definitely miss it a lot when I'm gone.

Anyway, so we were having a valentines party that day, which I was super excited for. We were supposed to write cards for everyone and say something nice, and after finishing I felt pretty good about them. I had written something nice about everyone (even Derek, which is impressive if you have known anything about us in the last 2 years), and I felt like they were generally decently funny which is what I was aiming for. I spent like half an hour making them, and I was excited for 20 minutes of awesome advisory + great food + giving and receiving cards.

I think I enjoy giving gifts as much as I enjoy receiving them, maybe more. I think it's because one of the things that makes me most happy, is making people happy or making them laugh. Generally gifts I give aren't traditional ones, but ones with long cards, inside jokes, or strange gifts, and I just love to watch people react, the moment they open them and hopefully start laughing.


An example of this is the last birthday present I got for Emmy Akers (I'm using a lot of names in this blog............................................ I hope you're enjoying reading this blog, LAUREN BEATTY!). Basically, the day of the birthday party, I went down to Bradburys (a small convenience supermarket type store) and just bought the most ridiculous things I could buy. I don't remember all of them, but I got her some spray cheese (for all of her delicious cheezy needs, on the go!), and a yo-yo, and some duct tape, and some more random stuff and put it all in a big beach bucket. I think I spent around $20, just because of the sheer number of random things I got her.

My mom thought I was so weird. She kept being like "Ooh, how about a beach towel! Everyone can use a beach towel!"
And I responded with something like, "Mom, I'm not really looking for something useful"

I thought of something to say when she got each one that I thought was funny, and went there. Then I wrapped it up, made her a card, and went.

So it was a really fun party, and we were all in a great mood when she got to mine. Each time she took out each ridiculous random item, she started laughing and then I explained why I got it for her/something about it, and it was just a really funny gift. Everyone was laughing, and a couple people said things like "I expect one of these for my birthday!"

I just love gifts like that. They're really cheap, they don't take a ton of effort, but they're really personal and they make people laugh which makes them and me happy. I'm not sure why it works, because with a lot of people it would just seem like a half-assed last minute thing, but it has always worked out well in the past.

Anyway, so that is generally my goal with all my gifts. And that's what I did with these. Except, the one serious one I did was Derek. I said, "Derek, you have really matured a lot since last year, and it shows."

I felt like that was an appropriate thing to say. It is true, but at the same time it acknowledges that I don't think hes perfect. Or maybe he didn't notice it, but I felt good about it.

So anyway, back to the story.

ENGLISH, FIRST BLOCK! I be talkin' to my pal Emily J (hehe more names), and shes on the student council (or something like that).

So she tells me, we're having a meeting during advisory.



I refused to believe it.

Then advisory came.

"Would all freshman please report to the auditorium for a class meeting"


I almost went to advisory just to drop of the cards, but I decided against it and just got a drink of water from the water fountain so people wouldn't be like "OMJ WHY IZ JAMES WALKING THERE AND THEN TURNING AROUND?!! HEZ SO WEYARD!!! I'M GUNNA GO SHAWP AT ABERCROMBIE AND FITCHHHHH"

Then I sat down and told a couple people about how I really wanted to be at advisory.

On the way there, I gave Emily J a joking hate glare, as if it was her fault.

Then the meeting started. The students started talking, and then Mr. Lewia gave us a talk about Spirit week and participation and stuff like that. I wouldn't have minded any other day, but I had been excited for the party for a long time.

He did say some legitimate and interesting stuff, about t-shirts and how to sign up for events, but I was really anxious. By the way, I will DEFINITELY be in the air band, whatever it is. I might try and convince people to do THRILLER!

So after the talk, we had like ten minutes left. I was thinking, "YES I CAN MAKE IT!"

Then Mr. Lewia calls out, "Alright everybody. Just wait in the auditorium until advisory ends."

Why must you do such things to me, life?

A couple people looked at me, and laughed in a joking "that sucks" way.

I started talking to some teacher near me, I forget who. I asked them if we could go, and she didn't really give me a clear answer.

Then Mr. Lewia walked over to an area slightly near me. I sprung into action. "MR. LEWIA!!!!!! Can I go to my advisory? Because we're having a party right now, and I don't want to miss it"

"Oh..." He thought for a moment, and then yelled out, "Okay, If some of you guys have parties in advisory, you can go to them."

At least half of the people in the auditorium got up and started getting there stuff ready. I didn't pay much attention though, I just started walking out as fast as I could.

I felt important knowing I had pretty much single handedly done something that affected the entire class, even though it didn't really matter that much.

When I arrived at advisory, Derek was already there (the only other freshman in our advisory). He had just skipped the whole meeting for the party. How I hated him so at that moment.

Anyway, so then I sat down and gave everyone their cards and got some back. Most of the ones I got back were simple formality cards, but Charlotte's was pretty funny. Most people seemed to enjoy my cards, so that was good. Then we ate (delicious) food and talked for a time that seemed surprisingly long, and then I was off to Bio to do terrible on a test.

So that is my exciting story! Are my blogs more entertaining, or just more annoying when I'm tired?

OH! Another random story (this one is much quicker)!

So A while ago I was seeing Les Mis (one of my all favorite musicals, if you don't know it listen to the soundtrack or see it, you won't regret it! It's regarded as one of the best musicals ever written) with the school, and during intermission someone said my name. I recognized her as a girl I used to go to the same camp as (Festival of Creative Youth, a very fancy name, but a very fun camp. You basically just chose 4 of the completely random (by random I mean there was so much variety you could pretty much do anything) classes and had them, so it was different for everyone. I had space flight and karate with her 2 years). We talked for a tiny bit, and she said something like, "Are you still really sexist? I remember in space flight one year you said that you should be voted captain because you were a boy and boys are better than girls"


xD. Oh young child version of James, you sexist bastard (I think that's the first time I swore in this whole blog!!!!! =O)!

I don't remember what I said, probably just some sort of "haha no" type thing, and then I left because it was either intermission or the play was over.

I recently saw her again at Sunday River, weird how I've run into her twice now.

WELLLLLLL I'm just about blogged out, I will spellcheck this and then adios! This probably has a bunch of incoherent mistakes because I haven't reread this to check it like I normally do.

As I was spelling this, I noticed that I used the word assed earlier in this blog...

Well bastard was the first bad swear word I used... BAI!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something bad might have happened?

10:25, I'm sitting at my computer. I just found my assignment book, and I was looking it while I looked at a scrubs video online. I had my headphones (slightly sound canceling) in, and it was sort of quiet. Then suddenly I heard my brother yell, "JAMES!!!!"
"Yeaaahhh?" I responded
He still didn't hear me. "JAMES!?!?!?!?!?"
He arrived in the downstairs living room. "Did you hear that?"
"Someone screamed, and then a car took off"
My mom hurried down and got there too, she also heard it. The two tenants we are renting the extra rooms in our house came out, and everyone started talking about it. They all heard it. My mom went to the phone and called 911.

Everyone had slightly different stories.
My brother heard a bang, two distinct screams, and then a car taking off
My mom heard a scream, and then a Noo!
One tenant just heard one scream.
The other tenant heard a bang, and a scream, but he thought it might have been more of a "WOOO!!!" as in having fun kind of scream.

From everyones different stories, one thing was certain. Someone screamed. It sounded very distant, but everyone heard it well so it must have been really loud. They thought it must have come from the end of the road or route 9.

I think the most likely story is my brothers. My mom probably just convinced herself she heard a No to fit with the idea that someone was being stolen, which is what she thinks. One tenant probably just didn't hear it very well, and the other maybe just wasn't sure, because everyone else thought it was a fear scream.

It was really scary, and I was really surprised I didn't hear it. Later on, the cops came and talked to us and we told them everything we knew (well I sort of just stood there, but everyone else did). They hadn't found anything.

We really don't know what happened. Hopefully it was just some kids fooling around or something like that. I just hope nobody got hurt or stolen or anything like that.

If anything happens to make it more clear what exactly did happen, I will blog about it.

Until then,

-Slightly scared and confused James

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really Really Really Really Weird Dream

So last night I had a really weird dream, and in the morning I actually remembered it so I decided to type it up. It's really long and strange but here it is, enjoy!

To start off, I am Obama’s son. Except, we still live in our normal house. Being Obama’s son didn’t really affect the story at all, but I just was. To jump right in, it’s really late, and I walk into the middle of my second floor area, and see Obama’s wife and some guy making out. I didn’t see either of their faces, but somehow I knew who it was.

Then the next day, I told my dad about it. Except, it wasn’t Obama? I don’t know how to explain it. As far as I can remember, he looked like my dad. So he didn’t believe me.
Next night, I don’t know if this night actually happened or not, because I have terrible dream memory, but I think I confronted them about it this night. Obama’s wife and the guy, that is. And they wouldn’t confess.

So again I talked to my dad, and he was like “I don’t believe you unless you can get a picture.” So I got my digital camera, and prepared. The next night, I attempted to take a picture, but the camera was taking forever to focus and not getting it, and I only got a picture of them, but not making out.

By the way, every night they made out in the exact same way in the exact same place.
So I thought something like, “That won’t be enough, they have to be making out,” because in dream world seeing two people at your house late isn’t enough to prove they were cheating.

So, again I’m not sure about this one, but I think my dad had run down at this point because of the commotion and now knew they were cheating. He may or may not have been in the picture.

So he came down, and it became crazy. My dad was taking the place of my mom is in real life.
When he came down, the man who was cheating with my mom became ridiculous. I think he may have pulled out a grenade, and thrown it at us, but it didn’t kill us (I guess it missed?). Then we got into a big fight, and he was about to kill me. Then I saw some Windex. Somehow, I remembered that the guy was allergic to Windex in the eyes. So I sprayed him with Windex a bunch, in the eyes, and he got all messed up and died.

I don’t think my mom really mattered anymore after this.

So the next day, my dad was really mad at me. He was talking about how he wished he could have just found out without me killing the guy, because now he felt partially responsible for murder. Then the conversation continued,

Me: I’m the one who killed him! (In my head I thought something like “and I’m young!”
Dad: Yes, but you’re only 12. You’re emotions aren't developed enough.
Me: I’m 13!
Sammy (my brother, who was there? and may or may not have been Ed, I can’t remember): 14
Me: Yeah, 14!

I don’t remember how it continued, but we somehow were going to eat him. I think he was like a dog or something. So me and my brother (or Ed, or both) got out the plastic wrap and began wrapping him up. That’s when I realized, I hadn’t saved sense 4 nights ago (because apparently this was also a video game?). I told my dad, and we agreed that I would quit, and start up the game again so I could start this all over. Basically it meant I would go back to before any of this happened, sort of like time travel.

Back to night 1. I don’t remember much about the second cycle, or the days of all of this, but I remember that there was one night I was going to a party of somebody, I don’t remember who, but it wasn’t somebody I would normally go to a party at their house.

So I got picked up by someone, and I remember talking to Morgan. She told me we were really just babysitting,

Me: Oh! I should have brought a movie from Netflix!
Morgan: I brought one
Me: What is it?
Morgan: fdjsal*mumbles* (I think she said something about a tournament)

In my head I think I thought she said something about a Pokémon movie.

I also remember on the ride there, someone explaining some strange thing to me. About the person we killed’s big, medium, and small parts. The smaller parts of the meat and the bigger parts that is, because we were eating him and their were larger and smaller sections. The small parts were the parts of his life with his small friends or something like that, and I remember thinking about the small part and people on a ski mountain.

Then they continued to explain medium, and large in that way, with me thinking about skiing in association.

This whole conversation might have happened at a different point, because it wouldn’t make sense to talk about his death before it happened. But then again, my dreams are incredibly inconsistent.

So we arrived, and Morgan and anyone with me stopped mattering/existing, I just went to the party. It was a party, not a babysitting thing.

So I arrived, and there were a ton of people there. People outside, people inside, people in other rooms. They were all people who go to our school. Mostly sophomores and, some juniors, with a couple freshman and seniors thrown in. They all had specific faces, but I won’t go into EVERYONE that was there.

The exciting thing, which I don’t know if I realized now, or later, was that the party was hosted by the son/daughter of the man who was cheating with my mom.

I continued walking, and noticed that I didn’t like how my hair looked. It was a little bit parted in the middle, which I hate. In real life I hate that too.

Then I went into a room, and saw a bunch of random people, and I remember being surprised seeing Derek there. I think I was kind of flattered I was invited, sense it it wasn’t my normal group. So at this point, I began talking to someone, and I told them all the stuff that had happened. I think it was John Harrison, but it might have been Will Cadigan. It seemed to me, from what we talked about, that many people already knew about my mom and the guy cheating. Derek kept trying to sneak in and hear what we were talking about, but I was persistent in stopping him.

Let me describe the room I was in. It was mostly dark yellowish, with a green tint. It was kind of small, it was a rectangle. The middle area was flat, but there were steps going around the whole thing for people to sit or stand on. In between the middle and the side that was on my left, there was a small half circle shape extending from the wall. There were two large windows on this side, covering most of the wall. The other side, on my right, was exactly the same, but it had no half circle extending out. Then at the end of the room, there was a indented square slightly to the right, where the door on the other side was. It might have been full length, or it might have just been an indent. I was talking to John/Will on the steps, and they were inside the indent.
I think at one point I looked outside through one of the windows, and something was happening. I don’t remember what. If it was John I was talking too, either Will was outside, or he told me Will already knew. Also, It might have been the guy outside.

Somehow as I was talking to John/Will, I seemed to hear people talking about this whole ordeal, as if they knew about it.

So suddenly as we were talking, the guy who was cheating with my mom burst into the room, and he was ANGRY. He started screaming, but it was gibberish just loud noises. He was either very tan, or black. I think he looked the same as he did when I killed him. I noticed there was a dark red/purplish circle around his mouth, and going to his chin, sort of like a goatee. I wasn’t sure why.

I think he might have thrown a grenade again, but it didn’t kill me, again.

He stood right near the circle thing, just screaming. The people who used to be there, were not anymore. There was a group of people near the door, looking in. One girl bravely stood as far on the other side of him as possible (on the side of the room with no half circle) pushed against the highest step/ window, and crept through. He did nothing. I decided to try, so I crept forward doing the same, but he looked at me when I tried too. His goatee thing started to form again, and change color, and I realized it must have been because of his Windex allergies. But nobody had sprayed any Windex as far as I knew, and I had thought that it only worked if you sprayed his eyes.

Clearly he somehow knew about the fact that I knew about the cheating, and that I had killed him in a past game.

Random tidbit, I think the game I was in was “Golden Sun”, because every time I tried to go back to the save point/home, It would be a top-down view, and there would be these things called “djinn” running around which are from that game. I think at one point, I teleported to Zac Lounsbury’s room, which was in south America. It sounds weird, but it was just a means of transportation in the game.

That is really the last thing I remember. I think I may have quit again at this point, and started over but I remember nothing about this cycle. But I think the most likely thing is that I woke up at this point. My mom was waking my brother up, very loudly. And I was already beginning to wake up, and I think it happened right at this point.

Well, there it is, my very strange dream. I only wrote it down because I almost never remember my dreams, and this is an especially weird one.

So yeah... WEIRDDD... I took some stuff out involving specific people that I wouldn't want to be so public, but if you're interested, ask me and I can tell you about the stuff I didn't include.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"A colossal cucumber"



I love you yahoo news...

"It could feed an entire neighborhood"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The dirty water snow and fall out boy incident

I had a strange moment while I was walking home today. I had just got off the late bus, and my ipod was on shuffle and it came to "What A Catch, Donnie" by fall out boy. << that's the song if you're curious. It's a pretty good song, not the best on the album, but still good.

Anyway, so I was walking home from the bus and thinking. It was kind of gray out, but I generally like that kind of weather, I just find it so peaceful and beautiful.

So I was walking back, and the song got me in a mood and I started thinking about how I had been kind of unhappy recently. Then I picked up some snow from the side of the road, and dropped it into a dirty puddle. I don't really know why I did it, except because I think it's cool to watch the water soak into the snow. So as soon as I dropped it the snow immediately started turning light brown, and it soaked through except for the top of parts of the taller pieces of snow.

Then I began thinking about myself. Sometimes my mind creates deep symbolism for everyday things, even when there is none or it doesn't even completely fit. This was one of those times. I started comparing myself to the snow, thinking about how it was like me. How I was like snow with the dirty water just coming up to the top. After a second, I realized this made no real sense, but I was compelled to continue staring. I thought the water might creep up the snow a little more, but it stayed put.

Then I thought about it and I was thinking maybe I just needed to wait for the water to move. Then I realized this also didn't make sense.

At this point in the song, it was getting to the end where guest musicians start saying lyrics from their previous songs in rhythm with this song, it's a weird effect but I like it, it's cool.

I noticed that there were little ripples in the water, and it was starting to rain. Then the song ended, and I decided to take the headphones out of my ears. I stared for a second more, enjoying the peacefulness. Decisively, I moved to the other side of the puddle and started pulling the snow out of the dirty water with my feet. When I got most of the snow out, the tops of part were still white. Also, I got my shoe wet in the process. I almost stopped twice in the middle, but for some reason I continued.

Then I started walking again. As I was just getting towards my house, I was overwhelmed with an urge to just feel the fresh air so I took off my sweatshirt and my backpack and carried them.

Then I walked into the house, and dropped off my stuff. I walked back outside, and looked around at the snow on the porch. Again, for no reason I can really explain, I took the snow and pushed some into my face. I started laughing, and it was kind of refreshing. Then after thinking for a bit, I jumped into the snowbank, wearing only my T-Shirt and jeans. I sort of laughed, and it hurt my hands a bit for some reason.

Then I got out, and came inside.

I really don't think theres some deep hidden meaning in all of this, it was just very strange. Like I said, my mind tries to find hidden meanings and symbolism when there is none.

By the way, I was never really very sad for this, just so you know. This isn't an "I'm depressed feel bad for me post"

Well I hope you enjoyed my strange experience!

I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch

Oh god I seem emo with those lyrics xD

Friday, February 6, 2009

The one where james talks about legally blonde and seeing slumdog millionare

So I've decided to blatently steal and idea from friends, and for a little while, at least until I get bored of it, I will be titling my blogs starting with "the one"

LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL! Stop judging me!!!!!!!! HANNAH GAVE ME THE SOUNDTRACK! IT'S NOT MY FAULT IT'S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it online! it was pretty good! MTV recorded it, and they did a pretty good job. Except they were like "hmm... what ways could we ruin it?"

"Ooh, we could leave it how it is to make it as much like the broadway experience as possible!!!"

"Shut up, stupid temp."

"We could add annoying sing along lyrics, and have it hosted by the cast of the hills!!!"


It didn't take away from it that much, but it still annoyed me. Anyway, the soundtrack is pretty good, and the play was actually pretty funny.

I had another very on and off day. First I had history and math which were both fine. Then I had spanish, which was awful. I have been really disliking spanish. Also, my grades have been not very good this quarter. If it doesn't start getting better, I might have to switch out of a class, which will probably be español.

The sad thing is i do really like spanish, its just not the class. It's to hard, and as a teacher i hate mr kugler.

Also, while i like some people in the class, i hate others.

ANYWHOZ, on to stuff!!


My mom was like "wanna go to the movies" and i was like "flagumshmagumkldjfaljjkl" and she was like "WE COULD SEE SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!" and I was like....... "MMKAY" because i've wanted to see that really badly sense it came out. when we arrived I was in line and I saw a familiar noticable bright green sweatshirt and I was like "Timmeh?" and It was. He was there with a bunch of people, I didn't see all of them, but I definitely saw Zac and maybe Sara. I thought about it for a second, and I decided I wouldn't say anything.

Basically I was thinking it would just be a little awkward standing there with my mom while I talked to a large group of friends who all went to the movies together all talking and laughing at the movies together. I was surprised they didn't notice me, because I was like half a foot away from them at one point.

So I went to the theater, saw it, and came home. Overall I really liked it, and I will post a review on my other blog in a little while.

Excuse me while I eat a kitten.
(which is how I will be ending my blog posts from now on)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lauren got a blog, READ IT!

Hey so Lauren, an awesome person, just got a blog. She had one at wordpress, and I was trying to convince her to get a blogspot one, so everybody FOLLOW HER! Then she will stick with us blogspoteers.

Theres the link, enjoy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh meh god missing school is stressful!

If I had to sum up my day in one word, it would be "fhdlfjdlaksjf". If I had to sum it up in 4 words, they would be, "IT", "WAS", and "STRESSFUL"

I arrived at the normal time, blerdidy bler. A lot of people weren't there, I later found about 170 kids were absent! =O! Turn your head sideways and see how shocked I was! No... turn it the other way... do you see a shocked person? Okay, yeah, that's it.

It was just Blauren Blorgan Blemily and Blemma (clever name disguising James) there in the morning. Other people were there, but that's all who I talked to (i have no idea how i should have correctly worded that last part). After like 10 minutes, I had to go up to Mr. Blensen and prepare for a math test (I had missed the day when we learned 2 of the units because of the surgery). I didn't want to go alone, and I noticed Blackenzie (who is in my math class) (god I use parentheses way to much), but she had to do English stuff.

I went up alone, but when I arrived Blill and Blaura were there getting help too. After a couple minutes, Mr. Blensen explained it pretty well, and I was ready for the quiz.

Then classes started, and I went to history. It seemed really empty. Generally History is pretty enjoyable, because we get on completely unrelated tangents, but ones that interest me (Usually stuff like current events and politics, so It is sort of related, but not to what we're actually working on, like we talked about the ups and downs of having a 0% unemployment rate today, of course we're on the middle ages unit). Also, the people around me are pretty entertaining. I have Blurt, Blarah, Blelen (she wasn't there), BLauren, Blen, Blate, and Blemily (alright this Bl thing is getting tiring, enough). I'm not really friends with some of them, but for some reason those people just generally end up making class more entertaining.

Mr. Blupuis (SORRY that was the last one) got tired of our loudness, and moved some of us around though. I ended up staying in the same seat, which was GOOWD but Lauren got moved.

Luckily I didn't miss to much by missing the last history class, just some notes and homework.

Next up, math. Pretty boring. we had the test, and I did fairly well. I found out I got a 92. The only thing I have to say is that something Mr. Jensen does that annoys me is he teaches us the SIMPLEST version of an equation or concept, and then puts a really complicated tricky confusing one on the test. It's fhdlfjdlaksjf inducing. I suppose all math teachers do that though.

After that we had Spanish. Outside of class Spanish is one of my least favorites, because he gives CRAZY amounts of homework. Inside, it's soo fun. Having Anne and Emily is cool because they are both really funny and entertaining, and Mr. Blugler (I'M SORRY IT'S LIKE A DRUG) can be funny sometimes. There's also a lot of people I don't really know, but it's another one of those unexplainably fun groups.

While some people were taking a quiz (I didn't have to because of my absentness), I went into another room. Anne and Rose came too, because they had to finish a test. It was epically fun.

Then chorus. Nothing really worth mentioning. Chorus is love-hate for me. I really like singing, but I always feel self conscious due to my lack of talent. Also I was really tired and in a bad mood, so it wasn't a great class.

Then we had play practice. In the 20 minutes before play practice, I talked to Mr. Dupuis, talked to Mr. Bennet, and sprinted to Mr Kuglers room to pass in some late homework that was due that day.. but he still counted it late. -_-.

Then rehearsal was okay. I am sitting next to Zac and Owen for the rest of the song rehearsals, and Peanut butter (James Maloney-Hawkins) is next to Zac. It's pretty good seat assignments. The rehearsal was a lot like chorus. Sitting next to a bunch of really talented people sing super well while I bumble through it messing up the rhythm and singing notes really flat or just plain wrong. I really wish I was a good singer, but oh well. I'm pretty sure I got into the play through my acting anyway, and one bad chorus person won't mess up the show.

Something I realized about school is that I actually really enjoy it. Now homework, I absolutely HATE SO MUCH I WANT TO fhdlfjdlaksjf!!!!!!!!!!! But the school day, I generally enjoy.

Anyway, then I came home, watched the office from last night (I wrote my first review, w00t), and began the long process of procrastinating. This blog has assisted me in that, so thank you.

I guess I'll get started on my homework soon. The really stressful thing is that a lot of the stuff I missed isn't homework type stuff, so I need to stay after to do it but I have play practice every day until Friday so I have no time too and it's fhdlfjdlaksjf!!!!! AHH!!!

Okay, well, hope you enjoyed that.


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