Saturday, January 31, 2009

Other Blog

So I just made another blog that I will use to write reviews of various forms of entertainment, because I usually get carried away with stuff like that and I want to keep it separate from my normal blogging. I don't have any reviews up yet, but some will come soon.

Here is the address:

Friday, January 30, 2009


Well I'm incredibly bored at home with nothing to do, so I'll blog about my surgery for you blog reading pleasures!

I woke up at around 9:30 and took a shower, and then we left. I couldn't eat because you can't eat 2 hours before the surgery. Then we headed over, signed in and they brought us to this room. My mom and the nurse left while I changed into a hospital gown thing and then I layed (lied? laid myself down? laid! That's it) and then i laid myself on the bed. Then the nurse hooked me up to the IV.

It was a lot simpler than I thought. She just barely pricked under my skin and then attached a tube, and I was all IV'd up. Then the anesthesiologist (wow I can't believe I actually spelled that right on my first try) came and he told me he was giving me "general" anesthesia which basically means I would fall unconscious. So after a little while they started wheeling me out for the surgery to begin.

Then we arrived in the room. The only way I can think to describe what it was like is imagine one of those TV shows or movies where they're in a hospital and the camera is pointed up and you see all the people bending over and looking down on you? Thats what it was like.

I had been given a bit of "relaxation" medication, so I was a bit out of it but the last thing I remember was this conversation:

Me: so that stuff works in a couple seconds?
Anesthesiologist (ted): Yes
Me: Tell me when you put it in
Ted: ... We did a couple seconds ago
Me: Oh.

I stayed awake for a couple more seconds, and then I was out of it. I know I dreamt while I was unconscious, but I don't remember about what.

The next thing I remember was being sideways on a bed and my first two thoughts were "I need a pillow" and "My throat hurts"

After a couple minutes I managed to open my eyes and the nurse noticed. I managed to say "Pillow" and "throat" and she understood. I could barely talk, and I couldn't really move but I was feeling increasingly awake and alert.

I guess the pillow I had i had pushed over to my side or something, I don't know.

Anyway so I continued being more alert and being able to move more. The woman gave me some pain medication for my throat, but it didn't help that much. My mom did spoon feed me some mashed popsicle though, and that helped.

After around half an hour, I was ready to go. I stood up, and I was a bit dizzy. I couldn't leave right away anyway, so I sat down on a couch for about ten more minutes.

Then the nurse started walking me out towards my mom and the car. About half way there, another nurse showed up with a wheelchair, and wheeled me out. Then I stood up, got in the car, and that was my epic surgery day.

I'm feeling a bit better today. I still have been taking 2 tylenols every 5 or so hours, but I can walk around, the color returned to my face, and my throat isn't too bad. I am a little light headed though.

So far i've eaten two full cartons of vanilla ice cream in two days... i'm so skinny aren't I xD.

On that subject, i belive that XD makes more sense. Otherwise that person has some very lopsided eyes!

Well I'll see you all on monday!

Amazing video I found "Her Morning Elegance"

I just found that video, it's SO insanely amazing. The song is great and the whole video is just really cool. The song isn't on amazon though, grrr.

Anyway there it is. Click on it twice and watch it on youtube so you can watch it in high quality.

Fun fact of the day: lousy and busy are almost the same word

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sophomores, friendship and surgery

TOPIC UNO: I'd like to give a shout out to the sophomores. You are awesome.

But James, why are the sophomores so awesome?

Because they are all getting blogs! Blogs are the greatest thing ever, and I love reading them as much if not more than I love writing them, so now that everyone is getting them its great! Now freshman, listen up, GET YOSELF A BLOG AND START BLOGGIN!

Topic #2: Friendship. So a lot of these (incredibly awesome and sexy) sophomores have been blogging about friendship, and it's been making me think a lot about my friends and my friendship.


At the moment, I don't really have any true really close friends. This isn't going to be a whiny feel bad for me blog, because I'm not exactly unhappy about it. At first it made me sad and confused, but I realized there was no reason to be. I have a lot of decent friends, and it just seems to be pushing me to leave KHS.

I think i already mentioned this, but I am going to a different school next year and up. It is a better school, and everyone who goes there loves it and has a great time.

But the point is, it almost seems a bit of too much of a coincidence. I have a really great group of friends for 2-3 years and halfway through my last year at this school I start to drift apart from everyone? It's a bit odd, but it's making me regret choosing to leave less and less.

I don't really believe in stuff like God taking the time to look down at one of the 6 billion people on planet and make decisions to point him in the right direction, but it does seem kind of like a sign. I don't know how to explain it, because i believe in stuff like that, but at the same time I don't.

Anyway, friendship. I was reading a certain blog ( and it was describing all this stuff about friendship and I just suddenly though, I have nobody like that. Well, I don't have any deep philosophical thing to add, because thats as I've thought it through in my head, but thats whats been going on with me recently.

I've decided i'm making two goals for the end of the year

1.) Find one person who I can truly call a friend, and be happy about it
2.) Affect someones life in a big way.

I can't say if I have changed anyones life. I like to think I have, but before the end of the year, I want to do that for someone. I want to be the person who makes them realize/do something. Of course I want it to be a good thing, I don't want to be the one who pushes my friends into crystal meth, i want to do something good for them.

I think if I accomplish those two things, I will be ready to leave KHS. I will feel like I did what I was meant there to do, made a friend to remember/miss it by, and I'll just feel good about it.


I'm getting surgery tomorrow. I'm getting my Adenoids removed, which is actually not a very big deal. It's just something in your nose. Basically for the last 3 or 4 years, I have had nonstop cold symptoms. It varies though, sometimes I will just be a tiny bit congested, and sometimes I will be blowing my nose every 10 minutes, but it's terrible to just never feel healthy. After years of trying to find different ways to fix it, they found out that my adenoids are enlarged, and I will have them removed.

I'm really excited, because I havn't really felt 100% healthy in a reaaaallly long time. I wonder if it will affect my voice? I think I might make a video of myself in a bit just talking and then talk afterward and see if there is any difference.

Well anyway, see you guys on Monday! Hope you enjoyed my first venture into the seriousness of public blogging

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I hate English

I hate the school english system. I basically just think it ruins books. I really like reading, and a lot of times we do read good books in English, but they're ruined and I hate it with a passion.


Innocent Happy Child: Wow this 400 page book is really really good, I'm enjoying it a lot
Teacher: You have two weeks to read it.
Innocent Happy Child: But... thats 30 pages a night.. and they're long pages and I'm a slow reader
Teacher: And as you read it, you have to take notes on each chapter, summarize them, describe each character physically and emotionally, describe how each character has changed, and find 50 vocabulary words that you don't already know
Depressed Child (previously innocent happy child): But... but...
Teacher: And as soon as you get into class each day we will discuss characters motives, themes, symbolism, metaphors, hidden objectives, and the authors use of language to tell us things.
Depressed Child: But... oh whatever I'll Sparknotes it.

That has been me like EVERY single book this year. I'm a really slow reader, and I can't read more than 20 pages a night unless its a book I really like. It takes me like an hour to read that much, and with all my homework I just can't do it. It drives me crazy because I don't want to have the books ruined, but BAKFJALJ!!!

And if the idea is to turn kids on to reading, it just does the opposite of that.

Well, I have to go read 40 pages of Lord of the Flies, bye

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have been favorited by a guy in switzerland!!!

So I added my blog to VerveEarth which is this thing Jim (wink wink, clever not using real name) told me about where you upload you're blog and it has a world with a bunch of blogs and you can go to "Kennebunk Maine" and see my blog. But anyway, so a guy from switzerland favorited my blog!! thats so cool!

CLAYTON! If you're reading this, THANKS! Comment on this to let me know your not just some guy who favorites everyone!

More seriousness

I've decided I want to be a bit more serious in this blog. I used to have a intensely serious rambling blog, but I deleted it and chose a 95% joking around one (this one). I think I want something in between. I obviously won't be TOO serious, because this is public, but I do want a little more than just trying to entertain you.

Think, 50% joking 50% serious.

Think, Dramedy show, but in blog form

Think, Ugly Betty

Think, Scrubs


I actually don't watch it anymore, it's a bit too soap opera for my taste and after the first season I felt a little tired of it.

Anyway... hmm seriousness...

Well, it's currently 1:23 AM, and I can't really sleep. Midterms begin in 2 days, and i'm REALLY nervous. I've been having a lot of trouble concentrating on studying, but I will be spending most of, if not all of, tomorrow studying.

What else is going on in my life? I got into the musical!!! Thats -- I'm having a strange paranoia feeling. I think my mom is about to walk in the room i'm gonna close my laptop and pretend to be asleep

8:28 AM. I fell asleep (my mom never came)

Well i'm gonna go, i'm going to school for a midterms prep thing, and then i'll be back for more studying. Fun day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Forgotten followups forgoe fads.... ffff (Trip to New York)

So I forgot to make the followup post! Anyway, here it is:

Apparently he had a conference in California, IB stuff I think

LONG PART: My mom had to go to New York for work, and I've been trying to get her let me see a Broadway show for like 3 years, so finally we decided to do it then. There was supposed to be a HUGE snowstorm at 11 AM, so we decided we wanted to be there by 11. When we arrived, there was barely any snow, and sense we were there so early we decided to see the matinee of Avenue Q (Originally we were just going to see Spring Awakening)!

It was reaaaallly great.


I had already listened the soundtrack to death, so I didn't think I would enjoy it THAT much, but it was really great still. The puppets added a lot to the songs, which made them funny again, and the non singing dialogue and plot were really funny. I actually thought the dramatic parts were pretty good, too. And I really like the last song where the message is basically "Everything sucks right now, and there's nothing you can do, but eventually it will get better"

I should explain, I forget not everyone is a theater nerd. Avenue Q is about a bunch of poor sesame street style puppets living in New York where a lot of them are unemployed/unhappy, and they do a lot really non-muppety stuff.

Some of the better songs are "If You Were Gay" "The Internet Is For Porn" "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist". It's absolutely hilarious.

Anyway, after we walked around and ate at planet hollywood, which actually was really good (the food I mean)

Then we went to Spring Awakening. It was also very good, but I liked avenue Q more. This one was really dramatic. It's basically about a bunch of kids living in 19th century Germany who don't know what sex is but are going through puberty and are really curious. It's a rock musical, and some of the songs are REALLY cool. My favorite was "Totally Fucked" but some other good ones were "The Bitch of Living" and "Left Behind".

I think the show itself is very good, but the cast wasn't great. They were all good at acting and singing, but it was kind of hard to understand them during a lot of the songs, and the songs are very important to the slightly complicated plot, so it was a little frustrating. Overall, it was very good, but not fantastic.


The awkwardest part of the whole night was when there is a sex scene in Spring Awakening. I was sitting two seats away from my mom, and the two characters start making out on the middle of the stage (it's not that random). The guy grabs the girls boob, and then pulls down the top of her dress.

I was thinking that it was only slightly awkward, and wondering how they were going to show them having sex without showing anything.

Then, he undoes her bra, and from stomach up shes nude, and you can see everything. O.o

SO AWKWARD! I Think I would have enjoyed it more if I was alone, if you know what I mean [in my room, and watching that as a video (i'm making fun of tim right now, but you probably don't know that [ah, hah, hah, just kidding, but I would have because I wouldn't have felt so awkward about it (this bracket parenthesis thing has gone on long enough)])].

Suprisingly, afterwards my mom didn't say anything.




Because he's lazy

I don't know, because it's delicious!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Airport post

I am sitting at JFK airport in New York, gate 10, 12:10 flight to portland, and I am 95% sure the Mr. Dawson is sitting across from me, and four seats to my left. I havn't said anything for 2 reasons
1.) It might not be him.
2.) I don't want to make awkward small talk with the principal for half an hour.

I saw him earlier, and I was like "Wow he looks exactly life Mr. Dawson, and now I see him again on a flight to portland, so I'm pretty sure it's him.

Why would the principal be in new york?

Why is James in New York?

Why hasn't he made a new post in so long?

How can this be butter? I can't believe it!

(Random note, on the announcements, they were calling people to report to a gate or something and the lady said something like "Bill Fordson, Harry, Potter" and then she started speaking in spanish. I'm thinking someone might have pulled a prank, and harry potter is not at this airport.

Obviously he just uses his broom when he needs to fly places...)

All these answers, and more, next time on JAMMEEESSS'SS BLOGGGG!!!!