Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Swan


I feel like Natalie Portman is one of those people who everybody knows, but I never really felt like I could name something she was great in. But god, she was great in this.

I love Darren Aronofsky. After directing both Requiem for a Dream and this, two of my (now) favorite movies, he's one of my favorite directors. I need to see Pi and The Wrestler now.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what this movie was. It's one part drama, one part psychological thriller, and one part horror. And there were times that this movie was terrifying. It's essentially about Nina's (the lead character's) descent into madness as she strives to reach perfection, and the question of what's real and what's happening and what are just insane hallucinations really creates a horrifying atmosphere. There were scenes that struck me as part of a REALLY good horror movie. It almost reminded me of the Exorcist at times

And it also has such a complex but brilliant plot, as it reimagines the story of Swan Lake while also telling a completely different story. I don't even know what to say... go see it.