Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I accomplished another goal! I got a B- on an AP Comp essay. There are also a lot of goals I am in the process of continuing, so here is where we are now:

1. HALF CHECK Finish my short film and film it (Before the end of the school year) - I finished writing it and I will be auditioning people next weekend
2. CHECK Work out more often and more consistently (and eat healthier) - I have started lifting a lot and I'm already improving a lot. I'm eating a shat-ton of protein because at this point I'm bulking up, but not exactly healthier
3. HALF CHECK Begin/Continue learning to play guitar and piano - I've been playing guitar a lot and improving a bunch, and my piano book is FINALLY going to arrive at MSSM so I can start learning
4. CHECK Get a B or higher on an essay in AP Comp - I GOT A B- WOOT!!!! I shall slightly change this goal to an actual B so I still have something to shoot for
8. HALF CHECK Do something big in acapella, whether it be arrange a song or get a singing solo (I have a solo, but it's rapping and to me that's not as much of an achievement). I got a singing solo, and I haven't decided if that meets this goal.

I've still got a lot more to achieve, but so far I've done a lot! Yay.

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