Monday, June 14, 2010

Glee Finale and Kill Bill

Just some thoughts. Glee:

While this wasn't necessarily the best episode ever simply because of a various plot music and dialogue problems, this is what Glee needs to be. The problem with Glee is that recently (as I talked about in a previous post) the episodes have basically become Mr. Shue gives an assignment, there are a bunch of random scattered events sort of based on that assignment, then they all get together and he teaches them a lesson. THIS FORMAT IS AWFUL.

In this episode, however, things made sense! It followed a good narrative structure and actually had an interesting plot. PLUS I DIDN'T LEARN ANY LIFE LESSONS THIS EPISODE, YAAYYYY! On top of that, overall the musical choice this episode was SOOO much better than it's been (Journey and Queen never fail). Plus there was a well done delivery scene that was intercut with Bohemian Rhapsody. This was an incredibly interesting part of the episode, and it reminded me why I watch Glee. Because Glee has potential to do things that no other shows can do, AND THEY NEED TO.

This episode wasn't quite as good as sectionals, but it was still great. I'd say... 8.5

Kill Bill:

So I'm just going to review Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 together. Basically I loved vol. 2 and was bored with vol. 1. The problem with vol. 1 is that it's pretty much all action with very little backstory or explanation. Because of this, there isn't really any emotional investment in the action. The bride is basically presented to you as a horrible person out to kill other horrible people, so I wasn't exactly rooting for her. Alone I would have given this a... 7, because the action sequences were pretty awesome, and some of the sparse dialogue was really good too.

Vol. 2, is then mainly dialogue, backstory, and emotional investment. I feel like I would have enjoyed Vol. 1 more if I had already seen Vol. 2, because after an hour of Vol. 2 I actually cared about what happened to the bride, unlike in vol. 1. Plus Vol. 2 still had some incredibly awesome action sequences.

I understand that they are sort of meant to be viewed as one film, but because, in my opinion, pretty much all the emotional investment and explanation of what the hell was going on was in a completely different movie, it was really hard to enjoy vol. 1.

Vol 1: 7
Vol 2: 9.3
As a whole: 8.5

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