Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I am not doing my EPIC blogging sesh about my life recently but enjoy these pictures!

The thing that I really like about this ad I saw on yahoo is the fact that it boldly exclaims "A FULLY ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY" as if this is a great reason to go here. They basically said "Come here because we are a college" It's not a great claim, it's a necessity. Some colleges advertise their great educations, and nice campuses, but not Phoenix. They choose to advertise that they are in fact, a college. It would be if I was selling food and I put "100% edible on the front".

This is an unrelated picture that was on a facebook quiz. I just loved the way it took the 3 absolutely most horrible music genres and asked my favorite. I also love how this was on a quiz that was supposed to tell me my final height. I'm gonna be 6' 11" apparently

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L!MEgreen said...

this is what my vlog 9 is about!! [dumb pictures from online]
how are we so psychic???
i wish i could upload it.. but my computer is so dumb -_-