Thursday, May 7, 2009


I love to give gifts. I don't know why, because I'm not one of those non materialistic give away all your stuff kind of people, I just really love giving gifts. The process of thinking of exactly what will be perfect for them, but they will never expect. My general tactics of prodding them with seemingly casual questions to find out information about what they want. And then just preparing it all. Of course the best moment is when they open it. I don't know why, I just love it. It's like preforming, you spend all of the time preparing and then you give it to the audience and if they love it then you love it too.

I really don't know how to describe it, I just loove it. My gifts are almost always either really thoughtful, or really random (in a humorous way) intentionally.

I think I talked about this a bit in a previous post... here it is:

Alright, well my attempts to explain it have not gone well, but the point remains; James like give gifts.

I haven't blogged in a while! I guess it's just because I have no free time.

Quick update on life: I actually have been feeling pretty good recently. I mean not great, but not terrible. I think of myself last year as a different person almost. I feel like all of my previous accomplishments don't mean anything anymore. I guess it's because of the overwhelming "it was better last year" feeling I've had all year, which has made me feel unsure about everything.

It happened twice today. During the morning I was talking to Sarah about her sister, and how her sister said I had gotten more attractive (she said this last year) and in my head I was like "yeah but now I'm not"

Or we were talking about stand-up and stuff.

Did I ever tell the stand up story? Quick tangent.

So in Australia I developed a stand up routine for a talent show, and it went really well. Then for the thanksgiving dinner in 8th grade I did stand up again, and it went pretty well. Then for a spanish talent show, last minute I decided to do it, and it went really well! Like awesome, thrilling, indescribably amazingly (at least on my part, stand up is an amazing feeling, at least when it goes well). Then biddeford invited me to do stand up for their talent show because they liked me at the spanish one and it went even better!!!! Then at the very end of the year, Mrs. Wakeland told me I should ask Mrs. Farr if I could do it at graduation, and she said I could do it when we get year books.

So I was all prepared, I had a routine with some stuff that people had heard and some stuff that people hadn't (half of the group had heard one part, the other had heard the other, it was a team thing). I got up on stage, and started. Nobody laughed. Nobody. They just talked, and stuff. Oh my god, it was the worst stage experience I've ever had and one of the most stressful in my life. As it went on, I became more flustered and attempted to get their attention but it didn't work. I originally had like 10 minutes of stuff planned. I think I did like, the introduction, one thing in the middle, and the very end and got down in like 4 minutes. God it was terrible.

I really really really hope it was just that they weren't paying attention. Tim said it was because they had heard it before. The problem was I got so stressed out and flustered I rushed through and skipped a lot of the stuff people hadn't heard before, so many the one thing that might have gotten their attention I skipped. Anyway, I haven't preformed sense then, and I hope so much that I didn't lose it and that it was just one bad preformance.

ANYWAY, so in advisory somehow stand up came up, and I mentioned that I had done it. And I sort of felt like my past acheivements meant nothing. I had to re prove to myself that I could do it.

I want to preform stand up sometime soon, Joey said there are local comedy clubs I could try (before 9), I wanna check that out.

Oh, one more thing. So play rehearsals, going decently. Except for one thing. My accent. It is the most difficult thing ever. My current accent sounds like a mix between Indian and Italian. I am supposed to be eastern european/russian. Not going well. Hopefully I will pick it up. We off book (memorized) tomorrow, so I should probably be working on that. Tomorrow should be a good day, no big homework, no tough classes, play rehearsal, and then Hannah's party *Is excited*!!! G'night, see you later

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry you'll get your accent down. I didn't know you did stand-up comedy, I mean I knew you were funny, but that's really cool! I glad you were excited for my party :) btw I loved my gift, it was very thoughtful, your awesome! :)