Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pulp Fiction Review

This is totally random but I just watched Pulp Fiction and really liked it.

First of all, this movie is awesome. Like theres no other way to describe it, it's just awesome. It's hilarious and intense and incredibly quotable. In some ways it even has deeper meanings and satirizes culture and various movies. Basically whether your looking for an epic hilarious movie or something really well made and high quality, this is it.

If I had one complaint, it's that the middle section (the one with Bruce Willis) is not nearly as good as the others, in my opinion. It really only had one hilarious moment (the Hammer, Bat, Chainsaw, Katana sequence) and was really vulgar and had some scenes that were painful to watch (like one moment where you saw a man being raped). The other two sections were top notch and I felt like all of the violence and stuff added to the movie, but this one I felt was excessively vulgar and dragged on the most.

Overall, I just wanted to say how much I liked almost all of this movie.


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