Friday, December 25, 2009

Things happened!

Today was a successful and non traditionally but still in some ways eventful day.

Last night I couldn't sleep, and while I was trying to fall asleep, I made the decision:

I'm going to buy a video camera. The thing is, I really like film. I like filming, I like being filmed, I like writing, I like directing, I like all of it. Recently, my dad was like "oh I have an extra video camera" so I was like FJKLALJFASLJF!!! and I took it of course. It turned out to be really poor quality, and I used it for a wellness project but was very disappointed.

Then I really started thinking. I really like film. I love film. I could see myself doing film for a living, majoring in some sort of film, acting, filming, I don't even know. Film is something that I have a definite strong interest in. Yet, I don't even have a decent camera. And I always think "Oh at some point" But why is now not that point? I should just go for it.

So I did. I spent hours looking and comparing and searching, and I found 3 similar $500 Canon Vixia cameras. I'm like 95% one of them is the one I'm gonna get. They're pretty much as perfect as I'm gonna be able to get without going professional.

So yeah, that got decided.

Then, I started rewriting some of my short film. I am in the process of writing it, and I kept hitting road bumps. I dislike what I wrote and delete it. I lose direction. I feel out of touch with a character. Basically I just couldn't get it past the first half a page. Today, I rewrote it too two pages, and I actually liked it enough. Then I sent it to Tim, and he said he liked it which was a huge confidence boost. I feel like I might actually be able to finish this thing.

I also got a new editing program that's really nice, so basically filmwise I'm feeling good. Unless we see some sort of huge day after christmas deal on saturday, I should be decided on what camera I'm gonna get over vacation, and I'll have it when I get back to MSSM. Oh man, I'm really excited just thinking about it.

I can already tell I'm going to be obsessed and overprotective with it. It shall be my baby. Heheheheheheeheheh (I'm creepy)

James out.

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