Monday, April 6, 2009

We need to talk

I need to talk with a lot of people. Unfortunately they don't all read this, but if you are reading this, there is a good chance you are one of the people I need to talk to. The thing is I don't want to just engage someone in a conversation because generally they are not going to be very good things. They will probably be things like, why have you been doing this, why do you dislike me now, what has changed sense *some time*.

The point of making this, was if you want to talk to me, like I said, there is like an 80% chance I will have something to say to you, and if you are sure you want to hear what I am feeling/have to say, then ask me because I will be willing to.

I hope this doesn't seem like a desperate grab for attention or something, I just feel like this is a good way to do this, to find out who wants to talk and who would rather not. So yeah, if you are feeling the same way too or are just wondering if I have anything to say to you, then talk to me, IM me, facebook me, comment me, or whatever, but I do think that good will come out of it.

I am so bad at expressing my feelings, so I don't know if you really understood that or not... but yeah..?!


heyazac said...

whatchu wanna talk about Jamesy!?!

loafersinceninetynine said...

Speak to me James.