Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer Job

So after leaving you all in the dark about so much of my recent life (LONDON!!!), I will continue leaving you in the dark and make a quick post about a summer job.

My mom wants me to get a summer job. I am sort of indifferent. I would not love having a job, but I am not super against it. Last summer I would have said no because last summer I was hanging out with friends every day. Judging by recent times, it does not appear that that is going to happen again this summer. Instead, I do not know what I will be doing. So far the only 2 things I would say I am sure about (and i'm not even completely sure about then I just think I am doing them) 1.) The high school summer musical (DID I JUST COME UP WITH AN AWESOME TITLE FOR A NEW DISNEY MUSICAL OR WHAT?!?!) and 2.) Going to California.

So the thing about getting a job is, people are doing that now. I still don't know if I really want one or have time for one, but it seems like my mom is going to make me get one either way. Where though? In math ed and Jake were talking about bennets and I was like "oh I should try and get a job there" and they were both like NO which could have been a "We don't want you working at a place I might work" no or a "They don't have room" no. Either way, no bennets for james.

I doubt I will and I know these are kind of generic wants, but I would love to find a job where I either seem my friends a lot, or I know someone who works there. Sometime soon I will go job hunting in the port.

Wish me luck!

Song of the day - It All Makes Sense At The End - Molly Lewis

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Roy said...

twas merely a joke. you can get an aplication if you want.