Friday, November 14, 2008

oh that james!

It appears I've created a blog.

Wait, let me check on that.

Yeah, I was right, I did.


WELLLLLLLLLLLL! Hmm... my life! I won't be getting to personal, sense this is public, for reasons such as this example

Me (blogging): Miscellaneous teenager #h is such an awful person!

Miscellaneous teenager #18 (after reading blog): Oh my gosh! James just called miscellaneous teenager #h an awful person. I must tell her/him immediately! *boop boop boop beep bop boop*(that was her dialing the phone, OBVIOUSLY). Hi. James called you an AWFUL PERSON!

Miscellaneous teenager #h: THAT FREAK! I'm going to start a rumor that he got Oprah pregnant!

*3 weeks later*

Miscellaneous teenager #4: So I hear Oprahs having your child


So yeah, as you can see, not a good idea. That seems like a good opener, so, as the Spaniards say, bye. I meant Spaniards who spoke English.

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deegz72094 said...

HAHAHA i comment on everything. it's true. im sorry. but this is HILARIOUS. i should let you know that #h exists though. they really did spread that rumor. be warned...