Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tom's Party!!!

Tom's party was WICKED FUN! I had MSSM testing and my mom had to pick up sammy after getting a suit but I finally got to the party (like 4 hours late) but it went on for like 4 more hours so it wasn't a big deal. I spent most of it with Katie King, Ben, Tom, and Sarah Haws. I am not really great friends with Sarah Haws, but shes cool.

At first, to be honest I thought it was kind of lame. I joined badmitten and it was okay but I was like "meh". It got better as it went on though and became AWESOME! I began playing badmitten with a bat and yelling WHAT NOW whenever I actaully managed to hit it, and the game became mostly me Ben sarah and some other kid I forget his name. I also talked pretty seriously about some stuff with Tom and Katie, talked seriously a tiny bit with Sarah and Ben, and just generally had fun and hung out. We made these pretty gangsta heezy raps (fo sho), and me and Katie took like an hour to finally make a sexy pose picture (Whenever one of us looked sexalicious I would look high or creepy or she would look to happy about the apparent sex we were happing it was so stressful). So yeah. I suppose not much more to say, but it was a really fun party

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