Saturday, June 27, 2009

Graduation Ceremonies

There isn't to much to say about these, but I really liked them. There was the actual graduation. I sat next to Morgan and Derek. It was pretty good. Grayson (who I guess isn't graduating, which is too bad), Emma Wilson, Connor, maybe Abby I forget, and Mike Schwebler sang a song I think was called "A New World" and I think it was from the musical "Songs for a New World". It was really really good. Christian also did a rap which was really good and funny.

Then we watched the slide show (which was alright) and the senior video. It was really clever, it was about swine flu, and they took like the stereotypes of a bunch of seniors and made it about them... it's kind of hard to explain. But like they had one part about how Abby Ackley was obsessed with kittens and Joey and she died because she stayed in a room with a fake joey instead of leaving. It sounds kind of stupid, but it was really funny, except I couldn't hear some of it (gr sadness).

Then there was seniors last assembly, which I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLY liked. It was wicked fun!! I sat with peoplez in chorus and Courtney and Ryan Stinson. It was fun. I don't know Courtney or Ryan that well, but I like them. Then the chorus and chamber choir got up and sang Blackbird. I was expecting it not to be great, but it actually went really really well. I was almost perfect (not great on "Into the light" from "into the light of the dark black night" but otherwise awesome.

Then I wanted to talk to people for a second more, and my mom sort of just went "Okay Helen's mom will give you a ride home bye" and left. But I do not regret it!

ALSO, I was wearing this really nice dress shirt we got at american eagle. I like wearing nice clothes, I feel SEXY. But damn I was lookin' FIIINEEEEE. Tom Cherry agreed.

ANYwho. Then I hung out with Mackenzie mostly, and Kristin Mackenzie recruited half of the front row of the band to communicate the message "mayonaise" (They started mouthing it and then motioning making a sandwich as I said things like "Knife? Bread? Peanut butter? WHAT?!") which was sort of an inside joke (it started in the musical with James MAHA but whenever someone says Mayonaise I start fake laughing really hard (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA)

I also sat with Morgan and Angie for a tiny bit but they didn't seem to want to talk.

Then at the end I talked to a couple seniors, and said bye and stuff. I tried to convince Conner and Mike Schwebler to do the musical but they lamely didn't (It ended up being cancelled) and I talked to people and stuff. Overall, it was a jolly good time.

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