Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Cool how everyone's dying. Say what you will about Michael Jackson's allegedly molesting kids, but he was an amazing singer/dancer. And also, nobody seems to realize this but he didn't just decide to bleach his skin or something. He had a disease that turns his skin white, and the medication, to keep him alive, made him more white. I have also heard that the disease was in splotches so to look at least human he died his skin... I'm not really sure. The point is, he didn't just decide to become white for kicks and giggles.

Then billy mays. MAN! There is nothing bad you can say about Billy Mays.

And farrah fawcett and ed mcmahon! I don't really know them, but there is definitely a conspiracy.




I don't know. But if another celebrity dies then I'm gonna be scared.

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L!MEgreen said...

thank god we found vince before billy kicked the bucket 0.0

i dont know what we would do without an obnoxious TV salesman to make fun of

[all due respect to Billy Mays]