Sunday, July 12, 2009

MSSM course desicions

So I am signing up for courses, and I am going to take you, the reader, through the exciting adventure of choosing classes.

Math, Science, and English are decided by placement tests, so I don't need to worry about that.

The school decided that for your first semester, you can only take 4 academic classes. I guess it's because the workload at MSSM is really different so they want people to realize how much work 4 classes is before they take 5 or something like that.

That left me with 1 spot for an academic class. Generally people choose a foreign language, and I like spanish (and the guy who taught my brother, who apparently was a horrible spanish teacher, is gone now) so I chose spanish. They said to go into intermediate spanish, and if the teacher thinks that people need to change up or down he will just do so in the first week. This means I will have no history class this year. =D YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Also, it appears that there are only 3 spanish classes, and sense I would not be going into introduction to spanish, I might run out before I finish, unless I misunderstood the schedule.

I'll probably choose Psychology for my next history class, and then hopefull avoid taking anymore history at all! That would be ahhhhsomeee!

Then I think I am going to do chorus as a fine art, and that leaves my health/fitness credit. The only 4 that seemed likely I would do were 1.) Dance - Because dancing is awesome and fun and it would be cool to actaully take a class and get better
2.) Cardio/Weight training - No real explination it would just be good to be working out and stay in good shape
3.) Wellness - I don't really want to, but at some point I have to, it's basically Health at MSSM
4.) Boffer

Boffer seems kind of ridiculous but kind of awesome. Basically I've got the impression it's a bunch of people attacking each other with foam weapons, but it counts for a fitness credit. You don't have to take Boffer as a class though, you can just go for fun.

Also, I might have to take Wellness this year because it says that it is neccesary for incoming students who have not taken health. I don't know if I have to take it this year, or just at some point though.

I think I'll probably end up doing Wellness as my class this year, and Boffer for fun. The health/fitness classes are 2 hours a week, usually 2 1 hour meetings, so neither one is a huge deal to do.

So yeah, hopefully my schedule will be a bucket of fun

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