Friday, July 31, 2009


Again I am having second thoughts.

I found out that there is no theater class at MSSM next year. I feel like college and futurewise, going to KHS will leave me no better of theatrically because even though KHS has a fantastic theater program, it's not a theater school and neither is MSSM so they would probably put me in the same place in that way.

So the only thing is, would I be happier at KHS in that way? I mean Kennebunk has local theaters, 3 plays with Mr. Lewia and a new guy, a film festival, and theater classes. I mean I am really going to miss all of that stuff.

But at the same time, MSSM has open mike nights (basically, I think they're called something else), student run shows, 24 hour plays written directed and acted all by students. I just don't know.

Also, sense the old theater teacher has left MSSM it seems like a lot of what I could be doing there is still up in the air. How many plays are there going to be a year? Who will direct them? Etc.

I suppose at this point I am commited to going to MSSM, and going for a year might be good because I will finally know if it is the right place for me and not have to spend my life what if-ing.

Also, if KHS does one acts and MSSM doesn't I am going to be SOO mad!

Change is scary when you don't know what to expect!!

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