Saturday, July 18, 2009


I really wanna see The Last 5 Years and Songs for a New World. There are many more musicals I wanna see and I might add/edit this post, but those are the two I am thinking about right now.

I don't think either off them or on any form of Broadway, or anything like that. They are just both really really good musicals that I wanna see. The Last 5 Years I kind of discovered because of MirandaSings because she was in it, but it's really good. At graduation a couple people preformed the opening song from Songs For A New World and it was really good, and it just seems like a really cool musical. Coincidentally they both are written by the same composer/lyricist, Jason Robert Brown.

I don't know if I will get to see either of them anytime soon, but I would reaaaally love to. Last 5 years is about a relationship between 2 people, but it's told in a really cool way. The girl starts the show at the break up and moves backwards and the guy moves forwards, and in the whole show the 2 only have one scene together which is directly in the middle at their wedding. It's really cool, and it's really good. The only thing is it only has 2 people in the cast, so a school would never do it and local small theaters probably wouldn't be too into the idea.

Songs For a New world is really weird, and I don't exactly understand what it is, which makes it more interesting. It isn't really a piece of musical theater, but it isn't really a song cycle. Here are two quotes from wikipedia kind of explaining it.

"The show sits on the boundary between musical and song cycle, but it is neither; it is an abstract musical, a series of songs all connected by theme rather than narrative. The show employs four performers who do not literally play the same characters throughout the show but who do have consistently developing character arcs nonetheless."

"Composer Jason Robert Brown has said of his show, "It's about one moment. It's about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back."

That one gets preformed at a lot of small theaters though, so I might get to see it sometime in the near future.

So yeah! I felt like sharing

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heyazac said...

Have you ever heard of Next To Normal... cuz the soundtrack is FIERCE!!