Friday, December 5, 2008

List of Books to read

Being teenage americans, i know that you are all VERY interested in books.

I don't mention twilight.

Alright, so now that everybody has stopped reading this post, let me continue. I had to go to portland for a doctors appointment yesterday, and by the time I got out it was like 4:50 and my mom wanted to run errands. I had wanted to go to the Christmas tree lighting at 5:30 to see the chamber choir and just to be with friends, but I was going to miss it.

That kind of sucked, but it also was kind of okay because being Jewish makes missing the tree lighting less important to me. I'm still gonna be able to make the menorah lighting on Sunday.

That was kind of clever, but sense nobody who reads this is jewish, you guys probably just think I'm serious. Grr...


"We had to pick up some pictures that we took on disposable cameras, we had to pick up some DVD's of film mom wanted, and we had to go to a book store for a book signing one of my moms friends who was a small time writer was doing," He said.

He continued with a slight hint of malice, "While we were there, meh madre picked out a book, and was like 'Is there anything you want?' I ended up choosing Looking For Alaska, and Watchmen. Looking For Alaska I think everyone knows about, and Watchmen is supposed to be the greatest graphic novel (fancy term for full length and more mature comic book) ever written, so even though I don't generally read them, I wanted to read this one."

Then we went to Whole Foods, and had dinner.

IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know you could get real food to eat there.

My favorite part was that they had an entire section just labeled "comfort food" and I was like HA! And ended up getting Mac UN Chez and luhzagunya from there. NOM NOM NOM! That was me eating the food... but as a cat

The point of this was to write down my "LIST OF BOOKS TO READ"

here it is, at the moment

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Tuesdays With Morrie
Marly & Me
MAYBE The Last Lecture
A play I forget the name of, but I can get it from Mimi

I feel like I'm missing something...? WHATEVER! ADIOS!

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