Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm in a rush, so this will be a short post.

If I havn't mentioned yet, I am 99% sure I am going to a different school sophomore year.

For the application, I had to take the SATs SSATs or the ACTs, and I chose the SSATs.

The night before, we lost power. And there were some issues with the basement flooding, but I won't get into that. Bottom line, we ended up staying in a hotel right next to Berwick Academy, where the test was taking place. It was soo nice. It was like a quaint (good adjective, james) little bed and breakfast, and everything about it was noice.

Then I took the test. Shannon Farrel was also there, apparently she's applying to some hockey schools next year. I forgot to mention, Helen was there, we met her there.

There was this weird kid from Mass sitting next to us, and he kept like laughing at funny stuff we said even though he wasn't in the conversation, and like trying to talk to us, but he was REALLY weird. He started talking about how one teacher at his school like did meth or something, and i stopped listening after that but I must have heard him bring up meth like 6 times in that conversation he was having with someone.

SO THE ACTUAL TEST WENTTT... pretty good. I hate english questions in tests like that. I'm always so unsure, and my vocabulary isn't that good. I did well on one english section, badly (left 10 blank, unsure about 5) on another, and did really well on both math sections. At least thats how i felt.

Then I came home with helen. It was right after an ice storm, and it was SOOO COOL! The trees had frozen water on them, so they looked like they were white, and literally on the left side of the road there would be an orange and green grassy field, and on the right there would be frozen marsh and snow. It was really cool, and the sun was like creeping over the back of the frozen trees.

Things that depress me: Crazy meth obsessed kids from Massachusetts

I lied about the short post thing.

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