Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I hate English

I hate the school english system. I basically just think it ruins books. I really like reading, and a lot of times we do read good books in English, but they're ruined and I hate it with a passion.


Innocent Happy Child: Wow this 400 page book is really really good, I'm enjoying it a lot
Teacher: You have two weeks to read it.
Innocent Happy Child: But... thats 30 pages a night.. and they're long pages and I'm a slow reader
Teacher: And as you read it, you have to take notes on each chapter, summarize them, describe each character physically and emotionally, describe how each character has changed, and find 50 vocabulary words that you don't already know
Depressed Child (previously innocent happy child): But... but...
Teacher: And as soon as you get into class each day we will discuss characters motives, themes, symbolism, metaphors, hidden objectives, and the authors use of language to tell us things.
Depressed Child: But... oh whatever I'll Sparknotes it.

That has been me like EVERY single book this year. I'm a really slow reader, and I can't read more than 20 pages a night unless its a book I really like. It takes me like an hour to read that much, and with all my homework I just can't do it. It drives me crazy because I don't want to have the books ruined, but BAKFJALJ!!!

And if the idea is to turn kids on to reading, it just does the opposite of that.

Well, I have to go read 40 pages of Lord of the Flies, bye

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L!MEgreen said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean. all the books we're reading this year are being ruined... =(
but if u get the chance to read The Kite Runner then DO it, becauses that was easily my favorite book last year and it was SO amazing.