Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sophomores, friendship and surgery

TOPIC UNO: I'd like to give a shout out to the sophomores. You are awesome.

But James, why are the sophomores so awesome?

Because they are all getting blogs! Blogs are the greatest thing ever, and I love reading them as much if not more than I love writing them, so now that everyone is getting them its great! Now freshman, listen up, GET YOSELF A BLOG AND START BLOGGIN!

Topic #2: Friendship. So a lot of these (incredibly awesome and sexy) sophomores have been blogging about friendship, and it's been making me think a lot about my friends and my friendship.


At the moment, I don't really have any true really close friends. This isn't going to be a whiny feel bad for me blog, because I'm not exactly unhappy about it. At first it made me sad and confused, but I realized there was no reason to be. I have a lot of decent friends, and it just seems to be pushing me to leave KHS.

I think i already mentioned this, but I am going to a different school next year and up. It is a better school, and everyone who goes there loves it and has a great time.

But the point is, it almost seems a bit of too much of a coincidence. I have a really great group of friends for 2-3 years and halfway through my last year at this school I start to drift apart from everyone? It's a bit odd, but it's making me regret choosing to leave less and less.

I don't really believe in stuff like God taking the time to look down at one of the 6 billion people on planet and make decisions to point him in the right direction, but it does seem kind of like a sign. I don't know how to explain it, because i believe in stuff like that, but at the same time I don't.

Anyway, friendship. I was reading a certain blog ( and it was describing all this stuff about friendship and I just suddenly though, I have nobody like that. Well, I don't have any deep philosophical thing to add, because thats as I've thought it through in my head, but thats whats been going on with me recently.

I've decided i'm making two goals for the end of the year

1.) Find one person who I can truly call a friend, and be happy about it
2.) Affect someones life in a big way.

I can't say if I have changed anyones life. I like to think I have, but before the end of the year, I want to do that for someone. I want to be the person who makes them realize/do something. Of course I want it to be a good thing, I don't want to be the one who pushes my friends into crystal meth, i want to do something good for them.

I think if I accomplish those two things, I will be ready to leave KHS. I will feel like I did what I was meant there to do, made a friend to remember/miss it by, and I'll just feel good about it.


I'm getting surgery tomorrow. I'm getting my Adenoids removed, which is actually not a very big deal. It's just something in your nose. Basically for the last 3 or 4 years, I have had nonstop cold symptoms. It varies though, sometimes I will just be a tiny bit congested, and sometimes I will be blowing my nose every 10 minutes, but it's terrible to just never feel healthy. After years of trying to find different ways to fix it, they found out that my adenoids are enlarged, and I will have them removed.

I'm really excited, because I havn't really felt 100% healthy in a reaaaallly long time. I wonder if it will affect my voice? I think I might make a video of myself in a bit just talking and then talk afterward and see if there is any difference.

Well anyway, see you guys on Monday! Hope you enjoyed my first venture into the seriousness of public blogging

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