Sunday, January 11, 2009

Airport post

I am sitting at JFK airport in New York, gate 10, 12:10 flight to portland, and I am 95% sure the Mr. Dawson is sitting across from me, and four seats to my left. I havn't said anything for 2 reasons
1.) It might not be him.
2.) I don't want to make awkward small talk with the principal for half an hour.

I saw him earlier, and I was like "Wow he looks exactly life Mr. Dawson, and now I see him again on a flight to portland, so I'm pretty sure it's him.

Why would the principal be in new york?

Why is James in New York?

Why hasn't he made a new post in so long?

How can this be butter? I can't believe it!

(Random note, on the announcements, they were calling people to report to a gate or something and the lady said something like "Bill Fordson, Harry, Potter" and then she started speaking in spanish. I'm thinking someone might have pulled a prank, and harry potter is not at this airport.

Obviously he just uses his broom when he needs to fly places...)

All these answers, and more, next time on JAMMEEESSS'SS BLOGGGG!!!!

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