Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something bad might have happened?

10:25, I'm sitting at my computer. I just found my assignment book, and I was looking it while I looked at a scrubs video online. I had my headphones (slightly sound canceling) in, and it was sort of quiet. Then suddenly I heard my brother yell, "JAMES!!!!"
"Yeaaahhh?" I responded
He still didn't hear me. "JAMES!?!?!?!?!?"
He arrived in the downstairs living room. "Did you hear that?"
"Someone screamed, and then a car took off"
My mom hurried down and got there too, she also heard it. The two tenants we are renting the extra rooms in our house came out, and everyone started talking about it. They all heard it. My mom went to the phone and called 911.

Everyone had slightly different stories.
My brother heard a bang, two distinct screams, and then a car taking off
My mom heard a scream, and then a Noo!
One tenant just heard one scream.
The other tenant heard a bang, and a scream, but he thought it might have been more of a "WOOO!!!" as in having fun kind of scream.

From everyones different stories, one thing was certain. Someone screamed. It sounded very distant, but everyone heard it well so it must have been really loud. They thought it must have come from the end of the road or route 9.

I think the most likely story is my brothers. My mom probably just convinced herself she heard a No to fit with the idea that someone was being stolen, which is what she thinks. One tenant probably just didn't hear it very well, and the other maybe just wasn't sure, because everyone else thought it was a fear scream.

It was really scary, and I was really surprised I didn't hear it. Later on, the cops came and talked to us and we told them everything we knew (well I sort of just stood there, but everyone else did). They hadn't found anything.

We really don't know what happened. Hopefully it was just some kids fooling around or something like that. I just hope nobody got hurt or stolen or anything like that.

If anything happens to make it more clear what exactly did happen, I will blog about it.

Until then,

-Slightly scared and confused James

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