Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh meh god missing school is stressful!

If I had to sum up my day in one word, it would be "fhdlfjdlaksjf". If I had to sum it up in 4 words, they would be, "IT", "WAS", and "STRESSFUL"

I arrived at the normal time, blerdidy bler. A lot of people weren't there, I later found about 170 kids were absent! =O! Turn your head sideways and see how shocked I was! No... turn it the other way... do you see a shocked person? Okay, yeah, that's it.

It was just Blauren Blorgan Blemily and Blemma (clever name disguising James) there in the morning. Other people were there, but that's all who I talked to (i have no idea how i should have correctly worded that last part). After like 10 minutes, I had to go up to Mr. Blensen and prepare for a math test (I had missed the day when we learned 2 of the units because of the surgery). I didn't want to go alone, and I noticed Blackenzie (who is in my math class) (god I use parentheses way to much), but she had to do English stuff.

I went up alone, but when I arrived Blill and Blaura were there getting help too. After a couple minutes, Mr. Blensen explained it pretty well, and I was ready for the quiz.

Then classes started, and I went to history. It seemed really empty. Generally History is pretty enjoyable, because we get on completely unrelated tangents, but ones that interest me (Usually stuff like current events and politics, so It is sort of related, but not to what we're actually working on, like we talked about the ups and downs of having a 0% unemployment rate today, of course we're on the middle ages unit). Also, the people around me are pretty entertaining. I have Blurt, Blarah, Blelen (she wasn't there), BLauren, Blen, Blate, and Blemily (alright this Bl thing is getting tiring, enough). I'm not really friends with some of them, but for some reason those people just generally end up making class more entertaining.

Mr. Blupuis (SORRY that was the last one) got tired of our loudness, and moved some of us around though. I ended up staying in the same seat, which was GOOWD but Lauren got moved.

Luckily I didn't miss to much by missing the last history class, just some notes and homework.

Next up, math. Pretty boring. we had the test, and I did fairly well. I found out I got a 92. The only thing I have to say is that something Mr. Jensen does that annoys me is he teaches us the SIMPLEST version of an equation or concept, and then puts a really complicated tricky confusing one on the test. It's fhdlfjdlaksjf inducing. I suppose all math teachers do that though.

After that we had Spanish. Outside of class Spanish is one of my least favorites, because he gives CRAZY amounts of homework. Inside, it's soo fun. Having Anne and Emily is cool because they are both really funny and entertaining, and Mr. Blugler (I'M SORRY IT'S LIKE A DRUG) can be funny sometimes. There's also a lot of people I don't really know, but it's another one of those unexplainably fun groups.

While some people were taking a quiz (I didn't have to because of my absentness), I went into another room. Anne and Rose came too, because they had to finish a test. It was epically fun.

Then chorus. Nothing really worth mentioning. Chorus is love-hate for me. I really like singing, but I always feel self conscious due to my lack of talent. Also I was really tired and in a bad mood, so it wasn't a great class.

Then we had play practice. In the 20 minutes before play practice, I talked to Mr. Dupuis, talked to Mr. Bennet, and sprinted to Mr Kuglers room to pass in some late homework that was due that day.. but he still counted it late. -_-.

Then rehearsal was okay. I am sitting next to Zac and Owen for the rest of the song rehearsals, and Peanut butter (James Maloney-Hawkins) is next to Zac. It's pretty good seat assignments. The rehearsal was a lot like chorus. Sitting next to a bunch of really talented people sing super well while I bumble through it messing up the rhythm and singing notes really flat or just plain wrong. I really wish I was a good singer, but oh well. I'm pretty sure I got into the play through my acting anyway, and one bad chorus person won't mess up the show.

Something I realized about school is that I actually really enjoy it. Now homework, I absolutely HATE SO MUCH I WANT TO fhdlfjdlaksjf!!!!!!!!!!! But the school day, I generally enjoy.

Anyway, then I came home, watched the office from last night (I wrote my first review, w00t), and began the long process of procrastinating. This blog has assisted me in that, so thank you.

I guess I'll get started on my homework soon. The really stressful thing is that a lot of the stuff I missed isn't homework type stuff, so I need to stay after to do it but I have play practice every day until Friday so I have no time too and it's fhdlfjdlaksjf!!!!! AHH!!!

Okay, well, hope you enjoyed that.


Beep boop

(I'm a robot)

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Michelle said...

Edward Meese is your " bud"?
That your " Family Day".
Eyesse - part of the fireworks ?
Did you know Gloria tried to get me back together with you?
This is after I was married and had a child.
Maybe it comes from " bad parenthood".
And then there's the Duke of Earl....
He is another ring?