Friday, February 20, 2009

random 911 memory!

OOHHH I GAWT ANOTHER ONE! Man I keep thinking of things I want to blog about this is like the third post in 24 hours... I think I might be addicted.

NOOOO!!!!!! I JUST FOUND OUT ROCKAPELLA WAS CANCELLED!!! This saturday a bunch of people in concert and chamber choir were all going to get on a bus and go out to boston and see Rockapella in concert, and I was really excited because it would be a good concert plus awesome people but it's cancelled! Jksaljflasjfdklasjfkadlsjflkdsjfljdlksajfl I'm mad.

Anyway... story...

So this is a short one, but I remember just being in like 4th grade, and I went down to the office to make a call. Afterwards, I started walking, when one of the teachers stopped me. I will be representing the teachers with T1 and T2. I don't remember specifics of who or where, but just read this to get the gist of what happened.

T1: Did you call 911?
Me: No..
T2: You're not going to get in trouble, just be honest, did you call 911
Me: No, I didn't
T1: ... He's afraid hes going to get in trouble
Me: No I'm not, but I didn't call 911
T1: Did you do it by accident? And then hang up?
Me: I didn't call them
T2: James you're not going to get in trouble, just be honest. Did you call them?
Me: No, I didn't call 911
T1: ........ He thinks hes going to get in trouble. James, we're not going to get mad at you, we just need to know if you called them because they recieved a call from us.
Me: I didn't call them!
T2: Did you call them and then get scared and hang up?
Me: No! I guess I might have accidentally pushed the buttons while I was calling my mom or something.
T1: Okay, James

I thought it was weird then, and I still do now. I think it's kind of funny but strange and a little sad that they wouldn't trust me. They insisted on asking me over and over if I had called them, but in reality they already had decided I must have. Even after repeatedly saying that I didn't call them, they still just thought I did but was scared I would get in trouble.

And for the record, as far as I knew, I did not call them. I suppose I must have accidentally pushed some buttons, because otherwise what could have happened?

I realized I'm probably blogging so much because It's vacation and I have a lot less to do. Enjoy this, because when school starts I will be doing this a lot less.

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