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Random last day of school before vacation story!

I always forget to blog about the good stories!

(The real reason I'm doing this is because I'm overly paranoid and having trouble sleeping after the whole screaming thing earlier today)

I blog way to much, but I think you guys enjoy it!?

SO! The day before school got out, it was valentines day (I think, god I don't even know what day it is today...) It probably wasn't actually.

ANYWAY! SO! I don't know if I've said this before, but I have a really awesome advisory. It's Charlotte Hickling, Joey Aascov, John Harrison, Derek Henry, Ben Johnson, and Chelsea Cushing. Also, Tobey Ratoff but shes not here half the year because she goes to a ski school. Anyway, I don't know why I like it so much, because I really only am friends with half the people in it, but it's great for some reason, and it seems like everyone agrees that we have a really good advisory. It's generally one of the highlights of my day, and I'm always sad when it's over. I will definitely miss it a lot when I'm gone.

Anyway, so we were having a valentines party that day, which I was super excited for. We were supposed to write cards for everyone and say something nice, and after finishing I felt pretty good about them. I had written something nice about everyone (even Derek, which is impressive if you have known anything about us in the last 2 years), and I felt like they were generally decently funny which is what I was aiming for. I spent like half an hour making them, and I was excited for 20 minutes of awesome advisory + great food + giving and receiving cards.

I think I enjoy giving gifts as much as I enjoy receiving them, maybe more. I think it's because one of the things that makes me most happy, is making people happy or making them laugh. Generally gifts I give aren't traditional ones, but ones with long cards, inside jokes, or strange gifts, and I just love to watch people react, the moment they open them and hopefully start laughing.


An example of this is the last birthday present I got for Emmy Akers (I'm using a lot of names in this blog............................................ I hope you're enjoying reading this blog, LAUREN BEATTY!). Basically, the day of the birthday party, I went down to Bradburys (a small convenience supermarket type store) and just bought the most ridiculous things I could buy. I don't remember all of them, but I got her some spray cheese (for all of her delicious cheezy needs, on the go!), and a yo-yo, and some duct tape, and some more random stuff and put it all in a big beach bucket. I think I spent around $20, just because of the sheer number of random things I got her.

My mom thought I was so weird. She kept being like "Ooh, how about a beach towel! Everyone can use a beach towel!"
And I responded with something like, "Mom, I'm not really looking for something useful"

I thought of something to say when she got each one that I thought was funny, and went there. Then I wrapped it up, made her a card, and went.

So it was a really fun party, and we were all in a great mood when she got to mine. Each time she took out each ridiculous random item, she started laughing and then I explained why I got it for her/something about it, and it was just a really funny gift. Everyone was laughing, and a couple people said things like "I expect one of these for my birthday!"

I just love gifts like that. They're really cheap, they don't take a ton of effort, but they're really personal and they make people laugh which makes them and me happy. I'm not sure why it works, because with a lot of people it would just seem like a half-assed last minute thing, but it has always worked out well in the past.

Anyway, so that is generally my goal with all my gifts. And that's what I did with these. Except, the one serious one I did was Derek. I said, "Derek, you have really matured a lot since last year, and it shows."

I felt like that was an appropriate thing to say. It is true, but at the same time it acknowledges that I don't think hes perfect. Or maybe he didn't notice it, but I felt good about it.

So anyway, back to the story.

ENGLISH, FIRST BLOCK! I be talkin' to my pal Emily J (hehe more names), and shes on the student council (or something like that).

So she tells me, we're having a meeting during advisory.



I refused to believe it.

Then advisory came.

"Would all freshman please report to the auditorium for a class meeting"


I almost went to advisory just to drop of the cards, but I decided against it and just got a drink of water from the water fountain so people wouldn't be like "OMJ WHY IZ JAMES WALKING THERE AND THEN TURNING AROUND?!! HEZ SO WEYARD!!! I'M GUNNA GO SHAWP AT ABERCROMBIE AND FITCHHHHH"

Then I sat down and told a couple people about how I really wanted to be at advisory.

On the way there, I gave Emily J a joking hate glare, as if it was her fault.

Then the meeting started. The students started talking, and then Mr. Lewia gave us a talk about Spirit week and participation and stuff like that. I wouldn't have minded any other day, but I had been excited for the party for a long time.

He did say some legitimate and interesting stuff, about t-shirts and how to sign up for events, but I was really anxious. By the way, I will DEFINITELY be in the air band, whatever it is. I might try and convince people to do THRILLER!

So after the talk, we had like ten minutes left. I was thinking, "YES I CAN MAKE IT!"

Then Mr. Lewia calls out, "Alright everybody. Just wait in the auditorium until advisory ends."

Why must you do such things to me, life?

A couple people looked at me, and laughed in a joking "that sucks" way.

I started talking to some teacher near me, I forget who. I asked them if we could go, and she didn't really give me a clear answer.

Then Mr. Lewia walked over to an area slightly near me. I sprung into action. "MR. LEWIA!!!!!! Can I go to my advisory? Because we're having a party right now, and I don't want to miss it"

"Oh..." He thought for a moment, and then yelled out, "Okay, If some of you guys have parties in advisory, you can go to them."

At least half of the people in the auditorium got up and started getting there stuff ready. I didn't pay much attention though, I just started walking out as fast as I could.

I felt important knowing I had pretty much single handedly done something that affected the entire class, even though it didn't really matter that much.

When I arrived at advisory, Derek was already there (the only other freshman in our advisory). He had just skipped the whole meeting for the party. How I hated him so at that moment.

Anyway, so then I sat down and gave everyone their cards and got some back. Most of the ones I got back were simple formality cards, but Charlotte's was pretty funny. Most people seemed to enjoy my cards, so that was good. Then we ate (delicious) food and talked for a time that seemed surprisingly long, and then I was off to Bio to do terrible on a test.

So that is my exciting story! Are my blogs more entertaining, or just more annoying when I'm tired?

OH! Another random story (this one is much quicker)!

So A while ago I was seeing Les Mis (one of my all favorite musicals, if you don't know it listen to the soundtrack or see it, you won't regret it! It's regarded as one of the best musicals ever written) with the school, and during intermission someone said my name. I recognized her as a girl I used to go to the same camp as (Festival of Creative Youth, a very fancy name, but a very fun camp. You basically just chose 4 of the completely random (by random I mean there was so much variety you could pretty much do anything) classes and had them, so it was different for everyone. I had space flight and karate with her 2 years). We talked for a tiny bit, and she said something like, "Are you still really sexist? I remember in space flight one year you said that you should be voted captain because you were a boy and boys are better than girls"


xD. Oh young child version of James, you sexist bastard (I think that's the first time I swore in this whole blog!!!!! =O)!

I don't remember what I said, probably just some sort of "haha no" type thing, and then I left because it was either intermission or the play was over.

I recently saw her again at Sunday River, weird how I've run into her twice now.

WELLLLLLL I'm just about blogged out, I will spellcheck this and then adios! This probably has a bunch of incoherent mistakes because I haven't reread this to check it like I normally do.

As I was spelling this, I noticed that I used the word assed earlier in this blog...

Well bastard was the first bad swear word I used... BAI!

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