Friday, February 6, 2009

The one where james talks about legally blonde and seeing slumdog millionare

So I've decided to blatently steal and idea from friends, and for a little while, at least until I get bored of it, I will be titling my blogs starting with "the one"

LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL! Stop judging me!!!!!!!! HANNAH GAVE ME THE SOUNDTRACK! IT'S NOT MY FAULT IT'S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it online! it was pretty good! MTV recorded it, and they did a pretty good job. Except they were like "hmm... what ways could we ruin it?"

"Ooh, we could leave it how it is to make it as much like the broadway experience as possible!!!"

"Shut up, stupid temp."

"We could add annoying sing along lyrics, and have it hosted by the cast of the hills!!!"


It didn't take away from it that much, but it still annoyed me. Anyway, the soundtrack is pretty good, and the play was actually pretty funny.

I had another very on and off day. First I had history and math which were both fine. Then I had spanish, which was awful. I have been really disliking spanish. Also, my grades have been not very good this quarter. If it doesn't start getting better, I might have to switch out of a class, which will probably be espaƱol.

The sad thing is i do really like spanish, its just not the class. It's to hard, and as a teacher i hate mr kugler.

Also, while i like some people in the class, i hate others.

ANYWHOZ, on to stuff!!


My mom was like "wanna go to the movies" and i was like "flagumshmagumkldjfaljjkl" and she was like "WE COULD SEE SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!" and I was like....... "MMKAY" because i've wanted to see that really badly sense it came out. when we arrived I was in line and I saw a familiar noticable bright green sweatshirt and I was like "Timmeh?" and It was. He was there with a bunch of people, I didn't see all of them, but I definitely saw Zac and maybe Sara. I thought about it for a second, and I decided I wouldn't say anything.

Basically I was thinking it would just be a little awkward standing there with my mom while I talked to a large group of friends who all went to the movies together all talking and laughing at the movies together. I was surprised they didn't notice me, because I was like half a foot away from them at one point.

So I went to the theater, saw it, and came home. Overall I really liked it, and I will post a review on my other blog in a little while.

Excuse me while I eat a kitten.
(which is how I will be ending my blog posts from now on)

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L!MEgreen said...

OMG i want to see slumdog millionaire tooo!

PS sorry we didnt notice you, i guess we were a little distracted. we went and saw Coraline which im going to review on my blog