Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really Really Really Really Weird Dream

So last night I had a really weird dream, and in the morning I actually remembered it so I decided to type it up. It's really long and strange but here it is, enjoy!

To start off, I am Obama’s son. Except, we still live in our normal house. Being Obama’s son didn’t really affect the story at all, but I just was. To jump right in, it’s really late, and I walk into the middle of my second floor area, and see Obama’s wife and some guy making out. I didn’t see either of their faces, but somehow I knew who it was.

Then the next day, I told my dad about it. Except, it wasn’t Obama? I don’t know how to explain it. As far as I can remember, he looked like my dad. So he didn’t believe me.
Next night, I don’t know if this night actually happened or not, because I have terrible dream memory, but I think I confronted them about it this night. Obama’s wife and the guy, that is. And they wouldn’t confess.

So again I talked to my dad, and he was like “I don’t believe you unless you can get a picture.” So I got my digital camera, and prepared. The next night, I attempted to take a picture, but the camera was taking forever to focus and not getting it, and I only got a picture of them, but not making out.

By the way, every night they made out in the exact same way in the exact same place.
So I thought something like, “That won’t be enough, they have to be making out,” because in dream world seeing two people at your house late isn’t enough to prove they were cheating.

So, again I’m not sure about this one, but I think my dad had run down at this point because of the commotion and now knew they were cheating. He may or may not have been in the picture.

So he came down, and it became crazy. My dad was taking the place of my mom is in real life.
When he came down, the man who was cheating with my mom became ridiculous. I think he may have pulled out a grenade, and thrown it at us, but it didn’t kill us (I guess it missed?). Then we got into a big fight, and he was about to kill me. Then I saw some Windex. Somehow, I remembered that the guy was allergic to Windex in the eyes. So I sprayed him with Windex a bunch, in the eyes, and he got all messed up and died.

I don’t think my mom really mattered anymore after this.

So the next day, my dad was really mad at me. He was talking about how he wished he could have just found out without me killing the guy, because now he felt partially responsible for murder. Then the conversation continued,

Me: I’m the one who killed him! (In my head I thought something like “and I’m young!”
Dad: Yes, but you’re only 12. You’re emotions aren't developed enough.
Me: I’m 13!
Sammy (my brother, who was there? and may or may not have been Ed, I can’t remember): 14
Me: Yeah, 14!

I don’t remember how it continued, but we somehow were going to eat him. I think he was like a dog or something. So me and my brother (or Ed, or both) got out the plastic wrap and began wrapping him up. That’s when I realized, I hadn’t saved sense 4 nights ago (because apparently this was also a video game?). I told my dad, and we agreed that I would quit, and start up the game again so I could start this all over. Basically it meant I would go back to before any of this happened, sort of like time travel.

Back to night 1. I don’t remember much about the second cycle, or the days of all of this, but I remember that there was one night I was going to a party of somebody, I don’t remember who, but it wasn’t somebody I would normally go to a party at their house.

So I got picked up by someone, and I remember talking to Morgan. She told me we were really just babysitting,

Me: Oh! I should have brought a movie from Netflix!
Morgan: I brought one
Me: What is it?
Morgan: fdjsal*mumbles* (I think she said something about a tournament)

In my head I think I thought she said something about a Pokémon movie.

I also remember on the ride there, someone explaining some strange thing to me. About the person we killed’s big, medium, and small parts. The smaller parts of the meat and the bigger parts that is, because we were eating him and their were larger and smaller sections. The small parts were the parts of his life with his small friends or something like that, and I remember thinking about the small part and people on a ski mountain.

Then they continued to explain medium, and large in that way, with me thinking about skiing in association.

This whole conversation might have happened at a different point, because it wouldn’t make sense to talk about his death before it happened. But then again, my dreams are incredibly inconsistent.

So we arrived, and Morgan and anyone with me stopped mattering/existing, I just went to the party. It was a party, not a babysitting thing.

So I arrived, and there were a ton of people there. People outside, people inside, people in other rooms. They were all people who go to our school. Mostly sophomores and, some juniors, with a couple freshman and seniors thrown in. They all had specific faces, but I won’t go into EVERYONE that was there.

The exciting thing, which I don’t know if I realized now, or later, was that the party was hosted by the son/daughter of the man who was cheating with my mom.

I continued walking, and noticed that I didn’t like how my hair looked. It was a little bit parted in the middle, which I hate. In real life I hate that too.

Then I went into a room, and saw a bunch of random people, and I remember being surprised seeing Derek there. I think I was kind of flattered I was invited, sense it it wasn’t my normal group. So at this point, I began talking to someone, and I told them all the stuff that had happened. I think it was John Harrison, but it might have been Will Cadigan. It seemed to me, from what we talked about, that many people already knew about my mom and the guy cheating. Derek kept trying to sneak in and hear what we were talking about, but I was persistent in stopping him.

Let me describe the room I was in. It was mostly dark yellowish, with a green tint. It was kind of small, it was a rectangle. The middle area was flat, but there were steps going around the whole thing for people to sit or stand on. In between the middle and the side that was on my left, there was a small half circle shape extending from the wall. There were two large windows on this side, covering most of the wall. The other side, on my right, was exactly the same, but it had no half circle extending out. Then at the end of the room, there was a indented square slightly to the right, where the door on the other side was. It might have been full length, or it might have just been an indent. I was talking to John/Will on the steps, and they were inside the indent.
I think at one point I looked outside through one of the windows, and something was happening. I don’t remember what. If it was John I was talking too, either Will was outside, or he told me Will already knew. Also, It might have been the guy outside.

Somehow as I was talking to John/Will, I seemed to hear people talking about this whole ordeal, as if they knew about it.

So suddenly as we were talking, the guy who was cheating with my mom burst into the room, and he was ANGRY. He started screaming, but it was gibberish just loud noises. He was either very tan, or black. I think he looked the same as he did when I killed him. I noticed there was a dark red/purplish circle around his mouth, and going to his chin, sort of like a goatee. I wasn’t sure why.

I think he might have thrown a grenade again, but it didn’t kill me, again.

He stood right near the circle thing, just screaming. The people who used to be there, were not anymore. There was a group of people near the door, looking in. One girl bravely stood as far on the other side of him as possible (on the side of the room with no half circle) pushed against the highest step/ window, and crept through. He did nothing. I decided to try, so I crept forward doing the same, but he looked at me when I tried too. His goatee thing started to form again, and change color, and I realized it must have been because of his Windex allergies. But nobody had sprayed any Windex as far as I knew, and I had thought that it only worked if you sprayed his eyes.

Clearly he somehow knew about the fact that I knew about the cheating, and that I had killed him in a past game.

Random tidbit, I think the game I was in was “Golden Sun”, because every time I tried to go back to the save point/home, It would be a top-down view, and there would be these things called “djinn” running around which are from that game. I think at one point, I teleported to Zac Lounsbury’s room, which was in south America. It sounds weird, but it was just a means of transportation in the game.

That is really the last thing I remember. I think I may have quit again at this point, and started over but I remember nothing about this cycle. But I think the most likely thing is that I woke up at this point. My mom was waking my brother up, very loudly. And I was already beginning to wake up, and I think it happened right at this point.

Well, there it is, my very strange dream. I only wrote it down because I almost never remember my dreams, and this is an especially weird one.

So yeah... WEIRDDD... I took some stuff out involving specific people that I wouldn't want to be so public, but if you're interested, ask me and I can tell you about the stuff I didn't include.

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