Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ski bus home

I should have talked about my ski trips a lot more, but I didn't! Basically just to say they helped my attitude a lot and made me a lot more optimistic, happy, and living in the moment.

I just was making this post to talk about the bus ride home. I don't know how it happened, but basically me Ben and Lauren got in a huge argument about whether or not MSSM was a good school, it literally went on for a little over an hour. For like 20 minutes I was okay with it, but after that I kept just being like "stop this is so annoying I don't want to argue" and everyone on the bus was starting to feel that way too.

Basically their main argument was that MSSM isn't a better school, it's just that better students go there. And also that colleges don't look at what school you go to. Both of those I think are completely ridiculous, but not having facts with me and nobody on my side they sounded a lot more convincing then me.

1.) If it is true that a school isn't better if it has better students, then basically good schools and bad schools don't exist, and it is impossible to tell what schools are better. If 65% of MSSM students get into their first choice school, and 60% of KHS students get into their first choice school, then MSSM is a better school (those two statistics are completely made up and not at all real by the way). If that is true, then no college, no high school, and no elementary school can be said to be better than another, because it is just about the students that go their, not how good the school is at educating. That is stupid and not true.

2.) Colleges definitely look at your school. They were saying they just choose whoever has the highest SAT score, which is also ridiculous. If a school has a good reputation (like being named the 12th or 13th best public high school in the country) then a college will look at that student more closely earlier, and be more interested in them. And if it ever (completely ridiculously and hypothetically) came down to two students with the exact same everything except school, they choose the one from the better school.

It was also annoying how ben kept talking about it as a nerd school. Every time I had no evidence about something they would call me out on it, but they still named the lie that kids there have bad social skills and are geeky as a fact and a reason to not go there. The kids there are all really social and outgoing, and I would not be going there if they weren't.

That was all I wanted to say. By the way, if it sounds like I am being snobby or thinking I am better than you, I am not. KHS is a really good school, I mean it's IB, and for people interested in stuff like music it is far better than MSSM. But, overall, MSSM is a better school, and that doesn't mean I think I am better or smarter than people who go to KHS.

Song of the day doesn't work very well when I am not in a happy mood... Oh well here is an unrelated one
You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor) - Ben Folds
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP9csWhlHWM This is a really weird music video, but I kinda like how weird it is. If this is the first time you have heard this song, listen to it once without looking at the video. The video is sort of unrelated and has a completely different theme than the song, so you should hear both.

I was obsessed with this song over the summer (thanks to Zoe) because it is AMAZING! I loved Regina Spektor already and because of this song I have noticed that Ben Folds is also pretty snazzy. I really really love this song. I love the whole music of it, but one part I think is really cool and unique to the song is go to about 2:18 in the video, I love that part. Anyway, so yesterday this song came on my iTunes shuffle and I became very "I wish it was summer" nostalgic. It is still a wonderful song though, enjoy!

PS, I am about to make another post on a private blog that I have. If you want the address, ask me for it. I'm sure I will be willing to give the address to almost anyone who reads this, and if I wouldn't give it to you then you are probably someone who I don't like and is reading this blog without telling me. Anyway, if you want it ask for it, and if you already have it check it out for the other part to this post

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