Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well I have started randomly making comics for entertainment. I have a new poll for you!

Should I put random comics on here?

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I am impressed with myself, this poll actually hurt my eyes it was so horrible when I first looked at it.

Anyway, sometimes when I'm bored I get random ideas for comics and I make them up on the mac equivalent to paint. They look really bad and are not very good, but I have no place to put them, so if you guys want to I will start putting them here.

This is a small post, but I guess I will still do this,

Song of the Day - I Can't Stay - The Killers
I have started listening to Day & Age (their most recent album) again. It isn't nearly as good as their old stuff, but I do like it. This song stood out to me for some reason, and I really like it.

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