Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Childhood Memory: Stealth

During Tae Kwon Do today, the combination of being at my old school and thinking about the musical (where I have to act stealth), I remembered a really funny thing I used to do.

When I had to go to the bathroom during lunch, the fastest route would be to go through the cafeteria. Now to make it more exciting, I would decide things like that I was a stealth ninja, or that the floor was lava, and I would press myself up against the blue wall. HERE IS A DIAGRAM TO EXPLAIN IT BETTER.

_____________ _ _______________________________ _ __
Bathroom _________________________________Entrance to Gym
(Ignore that bar I had to do it or blogspot would format it and get rid of the spaces)

So I would enter the Gym (the gym was also the cafeteria, I don't know if it is like that in all schools), and then press myself up against the wall facing the wall, arms spread wide also pushed against the wall, and slowly inch across. I would try and stand only on the very thing black rubber thing on the bottom that stuck out from the door.

As I did this, generally the lunch ladies would stare at me. They just stared. They probably talked afterwards.

One day, one said "What are you doing?". I think I responded with something similar to, "I'm being a secret agent" in a completely casual and understandable way. This didn't seem weird at all to me.

I can only imagine what the lunch ladies must have thought of me xD.

Song of the day - Ingrid Michaelson is amazing. I just got her album, I will do more specifics later, but really check her out. Actually here is one, check it out, it is the first song on her bliggity blog it's about twitter.

Also the clip from Ellen is amazing, I almost cried

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