Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last day of spirit week

So yesterday was the last day of spirit week! Exciting! It was class color day, and our color was orange. My original plan was to straighten my hair, gel it up, and then spray it orange with hair spray color stuff. I tried it out on thursday night, and decided not to gel it. Then I woke up on friday. I didn't have time to take a shower, so when I straightened it looked really bad and poofy. Most people were more concentrated on the fact that it was orange though, so I was okay.

The only kind of hair dye spray (i wish i knew what it was actually called so I didn't have to keep calling it random unnecessarily long names that are wrong) that wal-mart had was the kind with sparkles in it, so all day sparkles were falling out of my hair and on to everything. It was splendid.

Speaking of which, I hate wal-mart. I shop there as unoften as possible, but my mom makes me go there a lot, and sadly a lot of times they are the only place that has what i need. Also, the workers are terrible. Three different workers told me they had no washable hair spray color dye (fail) and then I found it by accident like half an hour later!

Anyway, I was also wearing orange shoes I bought there, and a black sweatshirt with orange fabric paint splattered on it. When I got to school, I also put on an orange shirt over my regular one. At school I also got an orange bandanna from emily and put that on. I love getting into stuff like that, it makes my life so much more exciting. Except I got so many weird looks from people that day, but it was still worth it.

First I had english. We spent the whole class doing FRAP stuff. I called a guy at stop and shop to ask if we could put up a donation bin, but the manager was out and he wasn't back until after class ended. I need to call him still.

Then I had bio. I spent a while the night before studying for a test on crayfish, but I studied all systems and appendages and he decided to ask a lot of questions about the exoskeleton and internal organs. I got a 75. Not terrible, but a lot worse than I expected.

After that, the hardness of my day was pretty much over. I had no work to do for the rest of the day, and I was feeling optimistic.

Then I had lunch. It was fine. The last two blue day lunches I had were amazing, so I was expecting that, but it was just fine. Not bad or good, really. I feel like ethans might find me annoying sometimes, and that Alienor might not like me, but I am also way overly self conscious so I might (hoping) be wrong. I get along with Sara very well though (we now have an epic facebook messaging conversation), and Caitlin is hilarious and I get along well with her too. Also Morgan came back!!!! Yay! And so did Emily and Stephanie, except I'm not sure if they are for good. I don't see the appeal of eating alone in Mr Lewia's room.

Then theater. We did scene work still. Theater has been less fun with all the scene work, but I still like it. I am behind on memorizing my lines, which might be why I don't like it. I am also to much of a perfectionist, it took me half an hour and the help of the entire class to figure out my characters objective last class. This class, it only took me like 5 minutes to come up with my reality of action (I think it was called, It was something i was trying to accomplish, i won't explain farther than that). Incidentally, I am doing a scene from the Odd Couple. I am playing a womanizing tough guy type, which is a little weird. Mimi says she chose that scene because she thought it would be a good way to take out some of my anger towards Kyle (who is playing a clean freak nerd type guy) xD. Anyway, sense everyone finished early we played improv games! yay! I love me some improv. We played the dating game.

I played one of the contestants, and Mimi had me as one of the back-up girls from the Single Ladies music video. The whole time I had my hand out in a "sassy" way and was talking like a black teenage sassy girl, and the whole time I was trying to think of a way to incorporate "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it" into the conversation.

Then the last question kyle (he was the bachelor, of course. I was a bachelorette) asked was "What is your opinion on marriage" and I was like YES!!!!, and then "Gurl, If you like it, then you GOTTA put a ring on it" It was greaaat. Except kyle hadn't scene the video, or heard the song. Then I proceeded to start doing the dance, and he still didn't get it, so we had to explain it.

It was still amazingly awesome!

At that point, I changed into my sweatpants for Air band (we were supposed to dress up jokingly overly gangster), and took off the inner inner shirt because i was getting hot.

Then off to Bio Sem. We played hangman, because we only had like 1o minutes. At the beginning of the class, he was like "alright take out your notes" and then 3 seconds later we were playing hangman and I was confused. Then I realized Mr Bennet was making a joke (I think?). He is so awkwardly funny sometimes. My favorite mr bennet joke is "alright, let's dim the lights like a middle school dance".

Then, finally, the assembly was called. I was SO excited!!!!!!!! We walked out and got in our place. First there was the race, where freshman failed miserably. The thing is, Emily Junker, and Coordination, don't go well together. Emily Junker, Chelsea Cardner, and a rope connecting them, go together horribly. We placed last. Then the tug of war. We would have placed last, but luckily the rope broke!!! It was so funny, I couldn't believe it had happened. It was great for us too, because then we didn't lose the points for that. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. AIR BAND!!!!

I stepped out onto the gym floor, said a serious thing about not rolling to early when I walked on people, and then we did our chant which is "BADASS!" But we told people was mad class. Except the freshman were too obvious about it and like put is as their facebook statuses so everyone knew. I was mad. James Kill.

I got into position, and noticed that my shoes were a bit slippery, not much traction. Then the music started, and it all went by very fast. I felt like we were doing fine, but at the same time the crowd was giving like no feedback and it made me feel like everything we were doing was a lot lamer than it seemed in rehearsal. Then we got to the part where the song "That's not my name" by the ting tings came on. This was the only part in the song that I came up with the idea for. We all monkeyed into the middle, and then exploded out, and it was my favorite part. Then of course fucking Rosie Stimpson stepped on my foot, and I tripped and fell down. She fell too. I immediately got up, and began dancing again. It really ruined the whole thing for me, because all I could think about was how I messed up and how it made it worse. Bleh, i was so mad. I was as mad as I was at bram that time he skipped my line the play, probably more actually. It also just made me mad because i felt like I couldn't feel like we did a good job, because I personally messed up. I don't know how much worse that made it, and I would have been a lot happier with third place, if I didn't feel like it was partly mine/rosies fault.

After that it went fine. The end was the best part, and that was when we finally got the crowd to cheer. I walked on everybody, and then we all got into the line. Everyone was dancing in two lines, while Emmy and I (correct grammar alert) were doing the worm (I went all out, it was intense) on the outside. In the middle chelsea was doing crazy back handsprings and stuff. It was great, and I could definitely hear the crowd cheer then. Then we all go into positions, and dropped to form the 12.

Overall, I think it went fairly well. We were a whole lot better then people expected us to be, because freshman usually suck, and that's really the important part. Props go out to chelsea who pretty much did the entire thing.

Then the sophomores went. It was surprisingly bad. It was just very boring. A lot of standing around, and you couldn't hear the music at all. I expected it to be a lot better. They did west side story.

Then the juniors, which was great. Travis as the carpet from Aladdin at the beginning was the best part. They did a bunch of Disney movie stuff.

Then the seniors went, and they were really really great. They did pirates of the Caribbean, and they had this huge fight scene which was amazing, and visually just looked great.

My prediction was it would go Seniors, Juniors, Us, then sophomores. I was a little disappointed that the juniors and seniors were really good though, because I originally felt like ours was going to place well.

A couple people were talking about how the freshman and the seniors would be disqualified for throwing off sweatshirts/swords, but I was pretty sure they were wrong. If they took anything off, it would be taking 5 points because that was all it was worth. I turned out to be right

Then we had play practice. It sucked that we had to stay so long, because we didn't get out until almost 4:30. I am starting to like my character more, though. Initially he seemed boring, but Mr Lewia has shown me how he is making my character funny, and it should turn out well. I feel like I'm not doing well right now, but I'm hoping it's just because thats the beginning.

I spent most of the rehearsal talking to Zac and James and Emily and hannah. I'm becoming better friends with Zac and James, which is good because they are both hilarious. James is another person I felt like didn't like me at first, but I feel like that has passed. The best moments were me and James talking about my weekly schedule "Yeah, thursday is the day I have sex with your mom. Friday is the day I have sex with my six girlfriends... Wednesday is spagetti night" It started out as a lame joke but with the ongoing additions to it throughout our conversation it became hilarious.

SUPER RANDOM UNRELATED THING: I am obsessed with burt's bees lip balm. I just got it because my lips were getting way to chapped and stuff, but it's addicting. It like makes your lips tingle when you put it on, hehe.

Then I got a ride home with emily because rehearsal went late and i missed the late bus.

Overall, it was a really good day and I liked it a lot. I feel like my life is starting to get better again. Oh, on that subject. Remember my whole random symbolism thing? I have another one. So I have not been liking the office very much this season, or really any tv shows that I normally love. And it felt like my whole life was like that, the "it was better last season" feeling. Anyway, so i've been watching old episodes of the office a lot recently. seasons 2 and 3, my favorite. I have also been thinking about 8th grade a lot. Today a new episode of the office was on, and I watched it, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't hilarious, and it wasn't as funny as the old episodes, but it had some good emotional parts, it was very real, and I laughed out loud a decent amount of times. I realized the reason I haven't loved the old episodes of the office that much is just because i have already seen them. I know the plots, the stories, and in some cases I remember the jokes. But then this new episode episode came, and it wasn't as good, but I still really enjoyed it. I sometimes feel like attitude is really everything, and this was one of those times. I feel like I'm starting to be happy again.

Oh, another thing that happened. Basically every day in bio sem, there is annoyingness over chairs. The first day I sat in the back corner. Then I missed the next day. The day after that charlie Haritos was gone, so i sat in his chair. Same the next day. Then Charlie came back. He had claimed the seat he sat in as his seat, Kaitlin and and Maddy had sat in the same seat every single day, and robert had claimed the seat i sat in the first day as his. I had no seat. I just sat in the chair in front of that table for that day. Later Mr. Bennet Let me sit in the front part of the table, sort of added on. Every time I would try to sit in roberts or anyones everyone would be like NOO that's roberts seat! Then later, we were picking partners for our lab. When charlie wasn't here, i did it with robert. Then Charlie came back. Maddy picked kaitlin, and robert and charlie decided to work together. Again, I had nobody. I ended up working with Ben and Silas, which worked out okay, but I was still unhappy about being left out.

Then today, I arrived sorta early. I sat down in roberts seat, and asked Kaitlin if maddy and robert were here. She didn't know. Then Maddy sat down. I asked her if robert was here, and she said something like "I don't know. Just sit there, who cares". I was really surprised. Normally I would have expected everyone to tell me to leave. Then robert walked in, looked at the table, and sat down in the chair in front. He didn't even say anything. Maybe it was just because it was a short class, but I was still very surprised, and happy.

This post is getting way to long so I will make a new one for the dance

Song of the day: My Life Would Suck Without You and I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
No I am not a teenage girl, but Morgan sent me 3 of the songs on her album, and i like these equally.

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