Friday, March 13, 2009

Results to poll

As to where I should put reviews, I was split between on the separate blog and on this blog as separate posts. I am going to post the next one on the separate blog, and see if any more results come up anytime soon.

As for song of the day, I got 5 votes for end of every post, and 1 vote for not doing it. So, from now on every post will end with the song of the day.

For how much people like the reviews, I got one for everything but not liking them at all. So I will definitely keep doing them, but I will try to make them slightly shorter and less serious.

Finally, for the ugliness of polls, it was a close race. My initial prediction was that I can't have babies would win, but in only managed to pull one vote. My Mexican Servant J├ęsus Just Quit Because He Saw This also managed to get one vote. Sometimes I Have Nightmares and Things Like This Are In Them and I Have to Choose Between Death or These Polls and I Choose Death, in my opinion one of the weaker opponents, also got one vote. In a shocking victory, making an unexpected comeback, the winner with 2 votes, was... They're Nice!!!!!! Congratulations! Last place goes to I Just Threw Up with 0 votes.

Hmm... what else do I have to blog about...

Oh! I am starting too things which will induce large sums of nostalgic goodness in the far future. The first is I am starting a journal. I decided to start this, because basically I sometimes felt like I wanted to say stuff about people in this blog, but I couldn't because of it being a blog. I realized the solution to that was a journal. So far I have only made one entry, but I will continue using it in the future.

The other is a sort of music catalog idea I had. Basically, the idea is that I will make an iTunes playlist for every month of my life in the future starting with March 09, and I will put all of the songs I find that month that I really like. Then I might compile them into a yearly list at the end of the year, or leave them like that, but the point is I think it is a really cool idea and will provide endless entertainment when I am bored in my future years.

Well that is about it...

Song of the Day - "Be OK" and "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson and

As you have noticed, sometimes the song of the day can be more like "songs" of the day, but I will only do that when they are related in some way, like here I found out about this artist and so far these are the two songs I like

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L!MEgreen said...

gah, have u heard The Way I Am by ingrid michaelson? thats my favorite