Thursday, March 5, 2009

Song of the day

I want to make a blog post, but I have no time!!!! But anyway, I wanted to say I am adding a song of the day to each post (although a lot of times I make more then one post in a day, but never mind). Basically, I will just say a song I 1.) Have always loved
2.) Just recently discovered
3.) Just recently rediscovered
or 4.) like decently and are listening to it while I make the post.

The song for this post is a #4, and it is

Down To Earth by Peter Gabriel.

It was made for WALL-E, and I think it won the oscar for best movie song. Anyway, me gusta. Listen to the first 2 minutes or so to get a feel for the whole thing. It is a bit of a long song, so by the end i usually just skip the last minute or so, I am slightly ADD with music (and life) (I like puppies)

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