Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spirit Week

Hmm! Well I actually want to do some bio so I can get sleep, but I also wanted to make this post. I will put minimal effort into it to get everything in, LET'S BEGIN!

Monday: Snow day. Mwehehe. Only problem is it would have given freshman more of an advantage, because we always win attendance, and I think we had a decent chance to get at least second for drama.

Tuesday: Hippie day. I came in with nothing, stole Courtney's (on my bus) bandanna and got a hippie shirt from Mimi. Then after school, even though I wasn't signed up, I joined trivia. We did very badly. We got last, bleh. I didn't really help or make it worse, i got a couple but i also made the team get some wrong.

Wednesday: Music day. I got shades and came in as ray charles. I didn't really like the themes, but I am going all out on Friday. After school I was signed up for bombardment (sp?) but I left it and joined Jenga (I'm a cool kid). We had like 60 annoying jockish freshman doing it with shorts and then there was me in my jeans with no shorts to change into. Also, we had no Jengeer (word i invented) so I did it.

It was me vs. sophomores first. IT WAS INTENSE! It was me vs. max Robinson and 2 sophomores i didn't know the name of. I kept pretending to be really cocky and giving smack talk which is kind of funny considering... well I'm me.

The game went on a lot longer than I thought it would. I kept trying to make it harder than them, and I thought it was going to end for sure at one point. Then they got one, and it came back to me. Then I g ot one, and it came back to them. Then they got one, and it went on to me. At this point there were like 20 people watching and it was SO tense but it was epic. I managed to pull through, and this super nervous girl had a pretty much impossible turn, and ended up losing.

Max says it wasn't the nervous girl, whatever it doesn't really matter, it was intense though. I can't believe i managed to pull that one off.

Then I played seniors. I ended up losing, I was still fairly happy with second place for us though. I tried to take to much of a risk instead of an easy one and lost it. Of course, I wouldn't have gotten that far and beaten the sophomores if I hadn't taken so many risks so I can't say I regret it. I don't know, anyway, second place.

Thursday (today): Sports/Jersey day. I do not own jerseys, I don't wear jerseys. So I was like, "Mom can I borrow a tennis racket?" and she gave me this ridiculous bright neon green and orange one. And I was like "umm.... okay" I got a lot of stares that whole day. I also had a Spanish test that day that I had to stay up late for the night before. I got about half way through, and I will finish it next class. It actually wasn't THAT hard, I did fairly well.

After school I did Rock Band and Taboo. For Rock Band, everyone decided to do "Give It Away" by the red hot chili peppers. The problem is I had never heard that song. Luckily I had alex on guitar and one of the everett twins on drums, which they are both awesome at. Then the song started. In rock band, they have spoken word parts, and music parts. Sense it can't register the words you make, basically if you make sound you get the spoken word parts right.

The entire song of Give It Away is spoken, YES! It had a lot of tongue twisty words, but whenever I lost it i would just make loud mumbling noises and it would register it as right xD. I also got all of the tambourine (sp) tapping sections perfect. The only thing I got wrong was the final note. Not knowing the song I had no idea what it was. It looked high, so first i way over shot it, then went way to low, then got it just in time for it to go down where i didn't go low enough, and then went too far, and just got it for the end. It sounded horrible. The whole thing was wonderfully awkward and bad (especially the occasional AHHHH!!!!!!! *goes back to mumbling* moments that get you double score) but we got over 900,000 points and I got 99% percent! Then sophomores. They got like 800,000. Purely because their guitar and drums weren't as good. Then the juniors, drums a large amount worse and they got like 670,000 or something. Then the seniors went. Christian A was on vocals. It put mine to shame to a ridiculous level. He 1.) has way better rhythm
2.) has a really good voice (i do not)

Except we got the same score because all it needed to be registered was noise! If the vocals mattered in that song, seniors would have destroyed us. Anyway, the guitar person messed up in a big way on that one, and they got like 600,000. We got first! yay mumbling and people who are crazy good at RB drums and guitar!

Then we did taboo. Nobody who signed up showed up, so me helen emily and stephani volunteered to do it. I wouldn't say one of us specifically did it, but we agreed I would be the spokes person. Bad decision. I did very bad, and got us last place. I think emily should have done it in retrospect. But freshman did really well that day overall, and it got us a lot of points.

So i didn't mention airband at all. I can't say much, but i will say this. Chelsea choreographed it and came up with the idea. I helped a bit in places. It is SO GOOD!

Originally we were gonna do here it goes again, but we changed our minds, and did something totally original. I asked around and nobody has done the lion king for at least 4 years, and nobody has done as an 80's techno style one with an animal impressions section!!!! Chelsea has an insanely good lion impression, and I can do a pretty good bird. We are totally gonna win!

Song of the Day: That's not my name - The ting tings

Not a great song, but I like the chorus a lot.

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MaRob said...

I havent read through the entire thing but it wasnt that super nervous girl that messed up and failed for us, that was ADeely