Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spirit Week Dance!

This post will not be nearly as long as the last one.

When I got home, I was not going to see anyone. I did nothing that matters for a little while, washed my hair, and put on some deoderant because i figured i wouldn't smell great from wearing 3 layers and sweatpants all day plus doing dancing that involved a lot of running and pushing and stuff. Then I changed, and I actually looked like a human again!

Then Emily came, and she was with stephanie and helen. They had hung out earlier, but they were giving me a ride. The first thing stepahnie said was "You smell like axe". I felt very self concious paused and went, "well... that's because i'm wearing axe.." and she said "I didn't say that was a bad thing!" I still felt self concious though, I didn't mean to put that much on, but i guess it was overly noticable.

We arrived, and there was pretty much nobody there. I hung out with zac for a bit, and then just sort of tried to dance. Fairly early on, i ran into zoe and she looked a bit unhappy.

"Were you at Tim's? Who did you come with?"
"Uh.. Emily Helen and Stephanie"

I forget how she responded, but she seemed annoyed. Great, I realized, I wasn't invited to another thing.

I probably shouldn't say all of this stuff, but whatever. I will anyway, I don't really care if people read this.

Considering it was 3 hours, I will just say my general impressions. It was okay. In order of how good they were, the dances would go
Spirit Week

At least for me. Snowball had real dancing, and I love dancing so I loved that dance. Spirit Week had mostly grinding and some dancing, but the dancing wasn't that good. Then Homecoming was all grinding. I mean there is nothing wrong with grinding in my opinion, but it's almost not even comparable to dancing, they're just not the same thing. And I like dancing a bit more.

So that was my overall feeling, just that I liked the snowball more. Also, it annoyed me how every five seconds people would be like "this is lame". SHERT URP ERND DERNCE! It just wasn't great. I did have fun though. I am ready to leave KHS, but these are the things I am going to miss. Spirit week, plays, musicals, coffee houses, film festivals, I am really going to miss that stuff.

The best part of the dance was about an hour before it ended. They started announcing winners. I was right about the air band, seniors, juniors, freshman, sophomores. Then, the winners. I think first he announced sophomores in last place. Then, Seniors in second. (if i remember the order was really weird). Then, juniors in third. When he said that the freshman went crazy and then he said freshman won. It was so great, we were all yelling and loverliness. Yay life, FRESHMAN FO LIFE (until the end of the year)!

I want to learn to learn how to dance, like how to really dance. I should try, I will look up some basic breakdancing and some decent dancing stuff. I love dancing, just all of the kinds of it.

Song of the day: Why Don't You Get A Job? - The Offspring
I have started listening to OK Go The Offspring and Blink-182 again, and this came on me shuffle and I like it.

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